[Interview] Koo Hye-seon, “To those who reject me”

There’s no knowing her. She’s been successful as an actress, producer, composing, conversation and more. It’s hard to regulate her in one category. Koo Hye-seon always stimulates the curiosity with her ways of releasing her desires with various ways.

However, her ways of expression don’t always agree with the public. Criticisms that she’s an unrecognized but pretty actress who is caught up in her world and just branching out through various methods, is always bothering her. Why is she dealing with all these criticisms and still struggling to fulfill her desires?

We met Koo Hye-seon at the YG Entertainment building. She recently released her third feature film called “Daughter” but what she got in return were more whipping than appraisals.

Koo Hye-seon‘s movie talks about a daughter who spends an unfortunate childhood due to wrong motherhood. It talks about the wrong images of a mother who forced her values on her daughter and doesn’t hesitate to abuse. The movie is quite smooth but it’s been reviewed to be contrived and leaning too much on sensitivity. Thus, it hasn’t been awarded the best points when it comes to the degree of completeness. Initially it wasn’t made to be commercial but it was criticized that it didn’t even draw in ten thousand audiences. Opinions followed that she should take some time to gain more experience before producing another one.

We asked her if this bothered her. She laughed and said, “I don’t mind”. She maintained her calmness and smile and said, “This energy is something I must let out now”.

“Some say I can do it another time. However, everyone has different energy and I think if I don’t use it up now there’s going to be side effects. I wouldn’t be able to film my first movie even if I was paid to. Some people might wait until they’re 40~50 years old to let out their energy but I think mine would become feeble then. “

Koo Hye-seon is currently in her 30s but she says, “I am just letting out what I feel I have to when I can even though it might not be enough”. Even if that means results that are incomplete. “It could be incomplete even in my 40s”. She isn’t wrong about that.

“I don’t think completion is the best. I don’t want to be the best with something complete. 99% of the people here haven’t been the best yet. It’s something only one person can do and is there really a need to be whiffed by vicarious satisfaction? I have been the best before but all that’s left is fear. I just want to watch”.

It seems like she stands firmly by her intentions to live an independent life. However, she wasn’t always like that. “It hasn’t been long since I decided that. When I gave up university to act in my 20s, I really wanted to act. 10 years later now, I was just broke and had to make a living”.

“Why won’t I have a sense of inferiority? Thoughts like, ‘someone stopped me from being successful’ conquered my head in my 20s but after I came to my senses, I had nothing to fear and time was all mine. Some say ‘it’s because you have a lot of money’ but I had money in my 20s. Things would change when I have a family of my own but this life based on my thoughts is only possible because I’m single”.

Koo Hye-seon‘s life ironically started off with meditation of death. She said, “When it comes to death, people around me ask why I think such things and depress myself but I’m not. I think death is only hard because people think they are going to live forever. I could do better by thinking of death”.

Then she started getting rid of what she didn’t need. She then started seeing other things and filled them up with what they needed. It’s also why her movies relate a lot to death.

Koo Hye-seon treasures her ‘present’. “I am not diligent but I think I bullied myself too much by just wasting time. I try to take a break when I can’t make something work. I lull my time away sometimes and even watch the leaves fall. But most do that when they are older”.

Source : movie.daum.net

Credit: hancinema



5 responses to “[Interview] Koo Hye-seon, “To those who reject me””

  1. goofygal says :

    do what will makes you happy unnie..we are all here for you no matter what..as long as your happy we’re happy too:)

  2. attivor portia says :

    my lady i love u okay and also we will respect wat ever u do as long as u are happy we are happy to dont forget for me u did in the past and now i still love u and always will love dont forget that we are on your side okay . takecare and everything will be alright soon beside i appreciate whenever i count many talent u have i see it that is a blessing and those talent will be useful someday dont worri okay love u

  3. dephil says :

    Whatever spite and hate people toss ur way, stay strong,keep being focused and most importantly you should learn 2lean on God.. He’s waiting for u 2call on Him to take the wheels of your because by your own strength Hyesun you can achieve nothing but dust… we love you and always will support what u do.

  4. eden unica gatusani (@reug1226) says :

    Criticism is always ithere in our lives whatever profession we are in.don’t let it ruin you..accept it in a positive way.just remember this..you have no control how critics will perceive your film or your work.Don’t stop.. continue what you love to do.goodluck✨🌟

  5. eden unica gatusani (@reug1226) says :

    sorry,need to correct my post earlier.my hand has its own mind,lol..what i mean is >> criticism is always there whatever profession you are in..waiting to lash their lavatory comments to your work..

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