[News] Director Ku Hye Sun’s movie “Daughter” will be making a special screening at the congress.

[Reporter Kim Yeha] Special screening at the congress.

YG Entertainment announced on Nov 20th that Ku Hye Sun’s new movie, <Daughter> will hold a special screening meeting on Nov. 24th specifically for all the members of the congress (all parties).

The reason for this special meeting is to understand and to solve the problem of child abuse and other social problems.  This meeting was co-organized by the senator and activist Nam Yoon In Soon who states that: Child abuse problem is real in our society as portrayed in the movie, <Daughter>. We aim to look for and implement alternatives and solutions form the congressional level.”

The other organizer of this meeting is production company’s representative Choi SuhYoung who states that: “This is a movie that makes you think a lot about the relationships of children and parents. I gladly supported this special screening so that many people will watch this movie with deep concern.”

<Daughter> is a movie that portrays the psychology of parental abuse and gives a societal message–released on 6th.

<Daughter> having initially opened at 19th BIFF and created a stir.

Source: bntnews

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi



2 responses to “[News] Director Ku Hye Sun’s movie “Daughter” will be making a special screening at the congress.”

  1. Maria chu says :

    Way to go – Ms Goo Hye Sun .
    1) congrats for making a diffrence and speaking for those dlwho cannot speak for themselves (abused chijdren)
    2) congrats for being recognize for your film that sends a message . Eventhough critics says your film doesn’t have an answer to the problem -at least you are making people aware of the problem . If the critics are well informed – there isnt a simple solution to chins abuse . It is a universal problem. It’s even worse in Asia where there is no law . Even countries who has a law with strict penalties , child abuse is valid ing . Koodos to the beautuful Goo Hye Sun – lucky number 7 !!!

  2. aileen says :

    ghs always make a difference so nice to hear that your message in this movie has been hear

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