[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 141113 media interview photos

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6 responses to “[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 141113 media interview photos”

  1. goofygal says :

    daebak!!! u are indeed simply but amazing woman as ever..super proud to be ur fan:)

  2. ana linsangan says :

    She’s so pretty..I love her as my inspiration.. and idol forever…I hope nxt year she’ s still doing another tv and movie drama with min ho Lee..

  3. Maria chu says :

    Ms Goo Hye Sun – we love you . You never try to be someone you are not . I have read that some korean actress have done nude and sex scenes to improve their so called acting or may be marketability . I Hope you will never do that . You are a talented actress -no need to show skin to prove it . I do want to see you in a romance comedy -preferably with Lee Min Ho please ☺️

  4. Maria chu says :

    Also , you look beautiful but I think you look better with brown hair 👍

  5. Tiselleah Cruz says :

    G. you’re truly one AMAZING EXTRAORDINARY GORGEOUS, INTELLIGENT GIFTED-N-TALENTED INDIVIDUAL. YOU HAVE A HEART OF GOLD. Always thinking of others, especially the sick children. Giving your precious time to helping others. You’re UNIQUE, you have access to hair stylist, makeup…. etc but choose to use your NATURAL BEAUTY, never being BOASTFUL like most individual in the entertainment field. You give your BEST in all that you do. SARANGHAE GOO HYE SUN-ssi cha, cha, cha……FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

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