[News] Ku Hye-sun plans to focus on acting

Ku Hye-sun revealed her wish to focus on her acting career during an interview with a local news outlet on Thursday.

“I originally wanted to continue acting rather than directing after my latest drama ‘Angel Eyes.’ But things always seem to turn out in an unexpected way,” she said.

“People think that I do everything I wish for, but that depends. Sometimes, when I want to start acting, directing comes to my hands. When I want to direct a movie, acting becomes my responsibility. So I tend to do things that I have been given,” Ku added.

Ku also shared her thoughts about her image as an actress.

“I do not want viewers to have one image of me, so I prefer my current plan and not to be seen only as an actress,” she said.

Ku recently finished directing her third feature-length film “Daughter,” which shows the complicated relationship between a daughter and a mother and her twisted motherhood. The movie was released on Nov. 6.

By Kim Min-jin (minjin103@heraldcorp.com)

Source: kpopherald



3 responses to “[News] Ku Hye-sun plans to focus on acting”

  1. sun2346 says :

    Any one if you want.We will sport u for ever😘.Cheer!!!

  2. goofygal says :

    yehey!! does it mean she will be back on kdrama next year??yahoo!! i can’t wait for that day..im sure all minsuners and all her fans all over the world will be so happy to see her again:)

  3. Lily Ng says :

    i like to see her in drama again god bless her everything go well and be happy for your life

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