[News] Lee Min Ho Receives Prime Minister Award for Spreading Hallyu

Lee Min Ho will be receiving the Prime Minister Award.

Lee Min Ho will be receiving the Prime Minister Award from 2014 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards for contributing to spreading hallyu in East Asia.

On November 11, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced the winners of 2014 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards, who contributed to improving popular culture and arts and spreading hallyu. Popular Culture & Arts Awards is a governmental rewards program that seeks to increase the societal status of popular culture artists and to encourage their hard work and achievements.

The winners of the Cultural Medal Award, the President Award, the Prime Minister Award and the Ministry of Culture Award have been selected based on the number of years dedicated, achievements in and out of Korea, contribution to the industry and society. The 2014 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards ceremony will take place on November 17.

The silver Cultural Medal Award went to drama writer Park Jung Ran, comedian Song Hae, actor Choi Bool-am while the bronze Cultural Medal Award went to six people, including voice actor Kim Soo Il, singer Myung Guk Hwan and actress Choi Eun Hee. The President Award went to the late Kim Kwang Suk, actress Sa Mi Ja, model Lee Jae Yeon, musician Lee Yoo Shin, producer Hong Seung Sung, Kim Young Hee and songwriter Yoo Young Jin.

A total of eight received the Prime Minister Award, including actor Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Jeon Guk Hwan, singer Jin Mi, drama writer Park Ji Eun, comedian Shin Dong Yeop, producer Jung Dae Kyung and Na Young Seok.

The Ministry of Culture Award went to seven people, including singer Lee Seung Gi, idol group EXO, actor Kim Bo Sung, comedian Kim Joon Hyun, musician Kim Jae Man and producer Go Geon Hyuk.

Lee Min Ho’s achievement was recognized during the third conference of Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment held in April.

Attending the debate titled ‘The Successful Strategy of Hallyu,’ Lee Min Ho caught attention by sharing his thoughts on the importance and responsibility of maintaining hallyu.

An affiliate of the conference stated, “The hallyu wave that began with Winter Sonata in Japan has now extended externally through the vast development of Pan-Asiatic regions and Chinese markets. In this situation, Lee Min Ho, who is in the center of the new hallyu wave, both represents and symbolizes the entertainment industry.”

Photo credit: Starhaus

Source: enewsworld



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