Ku Hye Sun updated on twitter on 11/11/2014

다우더GV. 롹커처럼 나왔네요.

updated on 11 November 2014  01:07 (KST)



5 responses to “Ku Hye Sun updated on twitter on 11/11/2014”

  1. Maria chu says :

    Please smile because your smile is contagious . You make people smile when you smile . ☺️

  2. Maria chu says :

    Also , you look very slim in this photo . I know it makes me happy when I look slim – it’s a woman thing – LOL😄

    • lee mimi says :

      She looks sad. Did the guy she loves ignore her birthday? Find a guy loves you and marry him. Don’t wait too long. Find someone older and wiser. Don’t waste your youth on some guy that love you.

  3. Maria chu says :

    Nice article by
    Nancy Z of drama fever .There is a writer who appreciate our princess . Our Ms Goo Hye Sun is one in a million .She has accomplished so much at the age if 30 . She will look back with no regrets . She makes films not to please everybody but to make a statement . She is a woman with conviction. Those who criticize should look up this word in the dictionary . Haters will always be haters . Love you Goo Hye sun.

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