[News] Lee Min Ho Takes Away Heart of Nanjing with Global Tour ′Re:Minho′

Lee Min Ho’s global tour Re:Minho has been continuing to heat up Asia.

An affiliate of Starhaus Entertainment stated on November 3, “Lee Min Ho held a concert in Olympics Sports Center Gymnasium in Nanjing, China last weekend, following Beijing, Japan and Guangzhou starting in October. Lee Min Ho heated up China with his sincere sentiments and fatally charming stage manners.”

Nanjing Olympics Sports Center Gymnasium was filled with the fans singing a song to cheer for Lee Min Ho and the 7,000 fans who gathered in the concert hall all shouted out ‘you’re (Lee Min Ho) the best’ in Chinese. The fans who gathered from various groups. From a Chinese fan who took a 20-hour train ride to those from America, Chile, Japan and more, the fans were made up of diverse groups.

Appearing on stage, Lee Min Ho started, “The moments that I spend with the fans become happy memories for me.”

He also presented a dramatic performance with a 3-membered rock band Royal Pirates

When he sang the concert’s highlight song Song For You, the concert reached its climax. The unreleased video clips of Lee Min Ho played on the big sized screen and created a fantastic atmosphere.

An affiliate of the concert stated, “Now only does he have peerless sentiments and sculpturesque looks, his humanly charms and manners attract fans of all nationalities, age and gender.”

The affiliate also shared, “The performance was of world class standards and Lee Min Ho perfectly prepared the stage despite his busy schedules, showing his professional side.”

Lee Min Ho’s album Song For You has been gaining success in China and Korea. The album tracks have been listed high on the music charts and the album has ranked number one on Taiwan iTunes as well as on Japan’s Oricon.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho finished filming Gangnam 1970 and has been carrying out activities across Asia.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source: enewsworld



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