[Video] 141101 KBS Entertainment Weekly – Ku Hye Sun & Shim Hye Jin Interview


In the Entertainment Weekly…GHS said that she knew a lot about how talented SHJ is as an actress and really loved her in Franceska. I really loved that the MC also gave a focus on Shim’s wonderful career. GHS did not talk as much in the interview. Shim talks really well and promoted movie really well. She said that after seeing GHS work, she realized that GHS can not only do three things all at once, she probably can do 4 or more things all at once. She also said that she worked really comfortably on the set, GHS was extremely respectful of the actors work and made everything easy and comfortable for the actors. But Shim also added that GHS asked her to do many hard acting jobs with her bright and cheerful smiles. That made GHS crack up. Shim also said that when she first got the script, she realized that GHS is a really good writer. Both Shim and Goo said that they were reprimanded by their mother a lot growing up, esp as a teenager.—got hit also—for coming home late and meeting boyfriends secretly. GHS said that she was not that talkative or expressive as a daughter. Shim holds GHS’s hand at the end and say that she is so glad that she was able to make movie together and she wants many people to come and watch the movie. Hooray!! Shim moved me to tears and I think GHS looked moved as well.

Cre cheerkoo @ soompi



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