[News] Goo Hye Sun reveals her thoughts on family at the press conference for her movie ‘Daughter’

The press conference for the movie ‘Daughter‘, written, directed, and starring Goo Hye Sun took place at the CGV on October 31. The movie centers on a complicated relationship between a mother (Shim Hye Jin) who clings to her daughter (Goo Hye Sun), who wants to come out from her mother’s shadow. As family is one of the biggest themes in the movie, Goo Hye Sun addressed this at the event.

She said, “During the making of ‘Daughter’ and even after its completion, I thought about what a difficult relationship family is. You love them, yet it’s pitiable. I put in my hopes that those feelings could improve. I created the movie ‘Daughter’ in the hopes that we could ponder over it together. I hope that a lot of people watch it and talk about it together. Just like how the mother curses in the movie, I think a lot of people can curse while watching it,” making everyone laugh with the last joke.  

Fellow actress Shim Hye Jin, who plays the part of the mother, complimented Goo Hye Sun, saying, “All the feelings and ups and downs in Director Goo’s scenario came out well, so that it was not difficult to act at all. Director Goo is also an actress, so she opens up a lot of parts for acting and was considerate. I am the sunbae when it comes to acting, but I respected all of the director’s opinions. That’s because she wrote the scenario herself, so she knows it best.”

The movie will be out on November 6!

Source: allkpop



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