[Video] 141030 Ku Hye Sun @ SBS Power FM Gong HyungJin’s Cinetown

Cre SBSradio100



One response to “[Video] 141030 Ku Hye Sun @ SBS Power FM Gong HyungJin’s Cinetown”

  1. Carmen Cruz says :

    ANYEONG GHS-ssi. Wishing you all the best on your up coming movie “DAUGHTER”. I’m looking fwd to watching it. You’re ever so elegant, sincere admiration with all your impressive work, from acting, art, singing, director, among other things are so admirable. Your intelligence, generosity of your heart for ever giving to the less fortunate. Please don’t give up on love so quickly, at the end of the day, the best thing about fulfilling your dreams is also having someone special to come home too, to share all the dedications and hard work you’ve done. As a person gets older, eventually there will come a time when a career is just that, fame an glory means nothing if there is no one to share it with. So don’t wait too long to get interested in MEN, not BOYS to find that right person who you can trust, will respect you, support you, help you, especially one that will make you go ahead before himself and love you. (I know that in the past, women will sacrifice themselves in order for her man to fulfill his dreams, but then once he does, he forgets who helped him get there and finds someone else) But I can honestly say, to reach the age 62, and have that love of my life next to me is far more satisfying then being a lone with no one around to fill that empty spot. To travel and enjoy all those precious years you’ve work hard on. (JUST A THOUGHT) SARANGHAE G. cha, cha, cha………..FIGHTING!!!!

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