[News] Ku Hye Sun Is Single and Currently Has No Interest in Boys

Ku Hye Sun revealed that she is currently single.

During October 30’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cine Town, Ku Hye Sun started, “I currently don’t have a boyfriend.”

DJ Gong Hyung Jin asked, “Why not? Are you not dating on purpose? Or are you not going to places where you can meet someone?”

Ku Hy Sun said, “It’s not that I don’t go to those places on purpose but a part of the reason is because I don’t have the opportunity. I also lost interest.”

About why she lost interest, Ku Hye Sun explained, “I’m more interested in things other than boys. I concentrate on things that I should organize and complete. I’ve been focusing on myself. I would like to date if I get an opportunity but I’m not sure.”

Meanwhile, Daughter is a film which Ku Hye Sun directed, wrote and starred in.

As Ku Hye Sun’s third directed film, it deals with a middle school girl’s struggle with her mom who raises her strictly with severe punishments.

It was previously invited to The 19th Busan International Film Festival’s ‘Today’s Korean Film – Panorama’ section and is set to premiere on November 6.

Photo credit: SBS

Source: enewsworld



4 responses to “[News] Ku Hye Sun Is Single and Currently Has No Interest in Boys”

  1. Maria chu says :

    Miss GHS – you just broke this Minsunners’s heart – no boyfriend 😭

  2. goofygal says :

    huhuhu why??why??why is it so hard for you unnie and Lee MinHo to admit that ur officially dating??

  3. chong says :

    really they are dating?awesome!!!

  4. Tiselleah Cruz says :

    Sometimes when you have millions of fans watching you, obsessed with you, loved by millions of fan, SAFETY becomes a factor and privacy becomes a NEED! With this in mind I can truly understand them not wanting to admit their relationship. But I do have to admit that I am curious if they are really in-loved or is LMH interested in some one else. I hope and pray they truly are inlove and look forward to seeing them live happily and build a family with both their careers being very successful. But should LMH be looking at some one else, I can only say, that’s too BAD. Cause KU HYE SUN, IS ONE GORGEOUS MULTI-TALENTED LADY. SARANGHAE GHS. & LMH. cha, cha, cha…….FIGHTING!!!

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