[Photo] 141023 Ku Hye Sun @ OllehTV Movie Talk Social Club

Cre Ayesuper


7 responses to “[Photo] 141023 Ku Hye Sun @ OllehTV Movie Talk Social Club”

  1. Elizabeth says :

    I love you…but you gotta fix your hair beautiful lady… 🙂

  2. chong says :


  3. Farah Dewary says :

    She dyed her hair black again

  4. goofygal says :

    hahaha as far as i can see hubby and wifey are having a blast on their career..im so proud of them..Hubby’s movie premier Gangnam Blues premier was rescheduled for next year January 2015 maybe because he will help his wifey in the promotion of her movie Daughter.MINSUN FIGHTING!!

  5. aileen says :

    i see a lot of koean idol having bangs like GHS. wait till Angel eyes premier in Taiwan, a lot of girls will be copying her hair like BOF when it premier in Taiwan they copied her hair

  6. ana linsangan says :

    Pretty and forever young…goodluck hye sun…I will support you forever

  7. Carmen Cruz says :

    YEOBODEYO G. I think black is okay but to be honest cause your skin tone is so light. Red hair suits you better I think anyway. Brings out more of your baby face. But if black is what you want it ok. SARANGHAE G. cha, cha, cha,…………. FIGHTING!!!

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