[News] ‘Gangnam 1970’ Starring Lee Min Ho Postpones Release Date

Gangnam 1970 has confirmed the delay in its premiere.

The film Gangnam 1970, which was slated for November premiere has been confirmed to premiere in January of 2015.

Accordingly, the film’s press briefing session, which was scheduled for October 28, has also been postponed.

Starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, Gangnam 1970 is the final piece of director Yoo Ha’s ‘street’ movie trilogy about two men’s desire, loyalty and betrayal surrounding Gangnam area when in 1970’s when Seoul began going through rapid development.

An affiliate of Gangnam 1970 revealed that the release date has been postponed in order to present the film to more people in January, which is the peak season for films.

Photo credit: Showbox Media Plex

Source: enewsworld


2 responses to “[News] ‘Gangnam 1970’ Starring Lee Min Ho Postpones Release Date”

  1. goofygal says :

    looking forward for the success of this movie:) let’s all welcome year 2015 with a bang with Lee MinHo’s Gangnam Blues..

  2. aileen says :

    its good that his movie will be shown next year, he doesn’t rest anymore he need a break he is not a robot his agency must take care of his body and health he looks so haggard now a days

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