[News] Gu Hye Sun releases new pictorials & talks about her new movie, ‘Daughter’

Gu Hye Sun, who recently directed movie ‘Daughter,’ was chosen as a cover model of magazine ‘Big Issue.’

Actress Gu Hye Sun recently directed a new film called ‘Daughter,’ and she was selected as a new cover model of magazine ‘Big Issue.’

In the image, Gu Hye Sun shows a chic look, wearing a white blouse and a black leather one-piece dress. She is posing as if she is deeply in thoughts, and many people are showing great reactions for her charismatic look.

‘Daughter’ was recently invited to ‘The 19th Busan International Film Festival,’ which will open on October 2nd, and it is currently being talked about as one of the most anticipated films of the year.

‘Daughter’ is a movie that portraits a complicated relationship of a mother and a daughter, and it expresses Gu Hye Sun’s perspective for the current society.

During an interview that was held along with the shooting, Gu Hye Sun said, “I played in the movie as a character that I have never played before. It was the first time for me to act in a movie of my own direction, but I always wanted to try it.”

Gu Hye Sun also worked with actress Shim Hye Jin for the first time through the movie, and she said, “Shim Hye Jin showed amazing acting, and I felt very nervous.” Shim Hye Jin said, “Gu Hye Sun was a very easy director to communicate with. She is a very clever director.”

Gu Hye Sun also said, “I did lots of fantasy-like works in the past, and I wanted to do something more realistic. That is how I was motivated to produce ‘Daughter.’ I was not happy with my acting, so it took a long time to finish the film.”

Meanwhile, movie ‘Daughter’ will be officially released this autumn.

/Reporting by Noh I-seul en@starnnews.com

Source: en.starnews.com



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