[Interview] Ku Hye Sun – Styler Oct2014 Issue

Ku Hye Sun entered the studio wearing denim shirt and skirt with no-heel brown loafers. She really is the exact image of the lovely and innocent female star in a manga.

She said that she already put on her make-up before coming. “You don’t care for no make-up face?” —but Ku Hye Sun‘s unexpected response was: “Whenever time and opportunity allow, I would rather do things related to me on my own instead of borrowing someone else’s hand.”

Maybe that is why she was initially surprised by more than 10 staff members who were to wait on her that day. Ku Hye Sun: “So many people came to film just one me? Ahyigoo.”

Perhaps you caught on already, but her way of life is very different from other average female stars. From her house in Gyung-Gi area to the center of Seoul, she travels by the red-colored ?long-distance bus whenever possible. If she sits deeply into her seat, most people do not recognize her and she also enjoys the passing views outside the bus window.

When I asked her why she gives up on conveniences/blessings that most actresses naturally get, she answered: “I don’t understand how that can be natural.” She also stated that, moreover, she does not want to share her personal life with her manager. “If you have a manager who drives you home every day and you also have other hair-makeup staff around you, you have to share so much of your life with them. I would sometimes want to see my boyfriend; must I expose that too? It is better to enjoy one’s private life privately.”

Even for the planning of today’s photo-shoot interview, we consulted each other through her private email. She added a request: “Avoid (skin) exposure”. She says that normally she does not even wear sleeveless. Come to think of it, even to award ceremonies where female stars compete ferociously to expose, she came wearing white shirt and black suit. Is this her strategy to remain mysterious? However, her reasons were unexpected. Ku Hye Sun: “Truth is that I gained some weight. Since I draw and write a great deal, my shoulders have become rigid/tight. After many years, my posture became skewed. I also have many scars from acting. It takes too long to do body-makeup so it is more convenient and time-saving to wear clothes that do not expose.”

Who had the most influence in shaping the person Ku Hye Sun?

My art teacher when I was a junior high school student and a friend. But, the biggest influence came from a boyfriend.  When we are in relationships with whom we refer to as “lover”, parts of ourselves that were hidden away or denied make their appearances.  Things like, I never thought I am that kind of person. Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness materialize and everything becomes confusing. It is in those moments that I started to search for myself.  First love experience evoked a lot in me. My first love experience taught me that I am a lazy person. Hahaha. And, it also taught me that I can love another person.

Are you currently in a relationship?

I am currently resting.  However, I have been continually dating. There was a time when I took a break for about a year. At that time, it was more for self-discipline. Meeting and breaking up create anxiety, but I could not just not date. I am a fan of <Witch Hunt>. When I get the chance to see the program, I totally identify and often chuckle.

What!! Ku Hye Sun and a minimum age 19 program! I can hardly integrate. I feel as if your face will get red watching the program and feel embarrassed.

Not at all.

What if you become a guest in that show? They ask all the guests questions like, are you more of a winner at day time or at night time with your partner?

I enjoy the show as a viewer, but, since I have a lot of fears, I don’t think I can talk well if I am a guest.

How is it possible for an all around artist to have a lot of fears?

When I realize that many people are watching me, I don’t think that I can be perfectly open. Even if I think that I am being honest, there will suddenly be moments when I would wonder if I really am.

Then, when are you most honest?

When I go into my room, take off my clothes and take a shower. Then I become completely honest. Also when I sleep and snore. Haha. Other than those two times, it is not that I am lying but I am basically following my conscience.  I really wonder if there is such a thing as perfect truth (among people)?

With whom are you most honest?

The dogs that I raise. Sometimes I talk to them. I tell them that, if they are humans, I probably would not be as honest. Haha.  In our own homes, people can tie up their hair, put on cold cream around their necks and walk around the house without clothes on. When I became an adult, I did not even show that to my parents.

Does it mean that you put distance between you and others? I am curious about your reasons.

Of course, I share facts. If a man is good looking, then I say he is good looking. However, I would not use word like “favorable impression” to that person. I think I worry about the arrows that may come back to me. Of course, compared to the past, the list of words that I refrain from using has shrunk. It seems to come with age. 

Your third feature film, “Daughter”, has been invited by BIFF. Since you had three roles in the movie as an actress, writer and director, you must be very busy.

I made it last year, so I am not that busy.  On top of that, I plan to open it as a small independent film and so promotional activity will be simple as well.

The story also seemed unique. About a distorted and obsessive mother’s love for her daughter…What message did you wanted to give?

All of a sudden, most of my friends are now married with children. Now that I am older, I sometimes worry about it too. But then I would think to myself why do we have children.  Often, people say that they have their second child because the first one is so adorable. I see that my friends pour out their love for their children. They may live independently as an independent person away from their parents, but they consider the children that they bore as their creation and may consider them their possessions. Then they start to think about planning to live with their son and his wife. They start to think that their child must be like this or that and plan out their lives. If there is a movie, “Olgami” describing the relationship of mother, son and daughter-in-law, I wanted to tell the story of a mother and a daughter in <Daughter>. Since I am a female, I can tell the story. I heard that, these days, the parents start education for their children starting at age 2. I believe that a child has to be dealt with as a separate/independent person. A parent must help the child to be independent. I want to talk about that in the movie.

I am also curious about your own family.

There is really nothing special. There are four of us: my parents and unni. We are ordinary. If there is something unique about us in the eyes of others, the four of us all live separately. Each family member has his/her own house.  It is unique and interesting. Right now is the time that we are all living together. You see, my sister is in the last month of pregnancy.

It is my first time hearing about a family who get along and yet live separately.

My parents do not work. Last year, my father suddenly went down to the countryside and planted 12 walnut trees. My father always wanted to do various kinds of work with trees. That was my father’s dream. My father is extremely independent and I inherited that exact part of him. If he wanted to master swimming up to a certain level, he works at it until he reaches his goal. It does not matter to him whether someone is there to support him or not. My mother is extremely sociable that there is hardly anybody whom she does not know around the neighborhood.  They are each enjoying their own lives. 

I am curious about your room too. I feel that your room may be full of all kinds of adorable little things.

My room is exactly ‘3-pyung’.  All my stuff fits into that one room. I also have just 3 pairs of shoes.

Are you saying that an actress has only 3 pairs of shoes?

In my 20’s, I bought tons of things. But, as times passes, they all became garbage. All that I really wore in one winter was my parka. I was not meeting anyone so I did not worry about clothes. Clothes were already prepared for me when I am filming. To a homebody like me, all the clothes and accessories that I really need fit inside one part of the closet. The room may be small, but it has all the necessities: microwave oven, food dish, even a burner.

So, you are saying that you are satisfied with the small space. If you marry later, don’t you think that space is too small?

Sometimes I wonder about my life 10 to 20 years down the road. I live in a little over 3-pyung, very small house. There is no room for a man in that house. Of course, it could be a different story if that man shares my values, studies pessimism, and is able to live in a 3-pyung house. Of course, other problems can arise while living together. Haha.

 It sounds like Ku Hye Sun type of thinking. When I look at the past films that you directed, they all have issues of relationship and communication, life and death type of deep thoughts.

That is because I am not simple enough. Girlfriends tend to always hang out together and share a lot of time and experience together. When I experience that, I realize that being a friend is really a difficult thing to do. If being friends with my girlfriends is like that, it is even harder with a boyfriend. As my attitude changes in that direction, it feels easier and more comfortable to meet people through work. That is why I am not that close to many people. Only about 10 people are logged into the address section of my phone.

But, I am sure you have a really close friend.

My friend Suh HyunJin. She is closer than family. She is a friend with whom I share even the pain of break-up with a boyfriend.

You always seem to be full of thoughts. What type of thoughts do you have these days?

I am studying pessimism these days. The world always emphasizes the positive and the hope. But life is not always like that. That is why when something really hard and difficult hit us, we may feel even more despair and find it even more difficult to manage. By studying pessimism, I discovered coldheartedness/dispassion/state of being unemotional. What is interesting is the more I maintain coolness, it becomes hotter.

Sounds good. How do you study?

Since I don’t have a religion, I read a lot of philosophy books. At times when I read the classics, I don’t understand what I am reading. The great philosopher like Russell (I think she is referring to Bertrand Russell?) gave me so much insight. It also made me see that even if time changes, living has not really changed.

Does it mean that you think of everything in pessimistic ways?

Hmm. In the past when I made movies, I would get excited by hoping for Daebok. Now, I would just say to myself, it may not be a Daebok, I would like it if it does well. I just became more calm and cold.

When I look at the projects you took on so far, what I see is that as an actress, your acting is for the romance and, as a director, you are philosophical.

It is not that I am pursuing such roles/acting, it is that I am taking in/extorting the opinions of others. Also, the type of roles that come to me are similar. I guess maybe the drama directors found it awkward to turn Ku Hye Sun into a lady of tragedy/misfortune. (laughter)

Of all the works that you do: acting, drawing, novels, directing, composing, which work seem to come closest to who Ku Hye Sun is?

They all are means of expressing emotions, but I feel most attached to drawing. You can act just as much as you can; it is not something you can do just because you want to. You have work on a movie with the staff and it requires funding above all. You also have to publish a novel. With drawing, so little is needed to be able to do it. It just may be the purest of medium of expression.

Some are of opinion that your various attempts are excessive self-consciousness.

In some ways, I appreciate such prejudice. Because I wanted to challenge myself to do these works, I would like to continue to enjoy doing them without receiving too much prejudicial views.

How do you want the public to view you?

In the past, I used to feel frustrated when misunderstandings would occur. Then, one day, I started to wonder whether the public would really consider me important. I am important to just me. I am the one who search my name in the Internet and other people would not be that concerned.  I am not expecting to be viewed in any special way. I just want to be seen as is. Don’t think that “she must have a secret”. What you see is everything.

What are your future plans?

I am preparing an album. I collected piano compositions that I made.

Yet another challenge! Just where does your artistic inspiration come from? Is it love?

It is definitely true that it comes from there since when we love, we become stimulated.

So, the answer is love.

I don’t want to admit it, but that is correct.

Source: Styler Oct2014 issue by Ayesuper

Translation: cheerkoo @ soompi



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  1. chyne22 says :

    thank you meow for bringing the translation here. bring me new insights of KHS more. I hope all the best for her new movie… 🙂

  2. goofygal says :

    wow.wow such an interesting interview..by just reading it, it makes me crave for more information about her insights…she is really an amazing person.i am so proud to be her fan:)

  3. aileen says :

    She is really an interesting human, it doesn’t get me bored reading that long interview because along the way, you will get inspired and widen your knowledge in life, She is really one of a kind.

  4. Dephil says :

    Jesus is the only way out of your emptiness in this vain world!!!!!!! U r a beautiful woman with so much depth and passion for life but you will keep feeling not good enough until u let God take the wheels…… Love u so much hyesun

  5. prisca says :

    what can i say? u are so good, i mean that was a wonderful interview that i feel like reading it over and over again. The Lord is your strength

  6. chong says :

    Brilliant lady with a brilliant heart and mind!

  7. cinders h says :

    She is deep/profound type of a person..very sensible, unique and have good values. I wish you will find the truth that you have a CREATOR. GOD is the ultimate goal to have the real meaning of human existence. All the best to you KHS – you are beautiful inside and out. Wish you will find a compatible man in life who will love you the way you are…He must be very lucky.. Cheers!

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