[News] KU HYE SUN Came Back as Film Director, Unveiling Photography Taken with Actress Shim Hye Jin!

– Shim says, “KU HYE SUN is such a smart and passionate film director”

Actress KU HYE SUN has come back as a film director, with her movie “Daughter” (produced by KU HYE SUN Film, Yes Production).

Film director KU HYE SUN has unveiled her photography with Shim Hye Jin, the main actress of her film, in “In-Style” PIFF Special Edition” which will be published with the October issue of “In-Style”.

Movie “Daughter” is KU’s third full-length film, in which she features the main role in a movie for the first time. The film is a psycho-drama that sends a social message, which depicts conflict between middle-school girl “San-I” and her mother who tries to restrict “San-I” through oppressive corporal punishment and control. 

The photography sharply portrays the subtle conflict and tension between KU and Shim, who appear as a daughter and mother in the film.

In another photo, KU is sitting beside a table filled with cameras and films, and Shim is catching the eyes, featured as an elegant but somewhat distorted mother. 

KU talked about the reason why she casted Shim as the role of the mother in her film, saying, “When you watch my film, you will find out that it is almost like Shim’s one-man show. She showed such a great energy in her acting. I think she is an actress who can act for any genre”. 

Shim explained the reason why she appeared in “Daughter”, saying, “I wanted to help a junior actress who produces a low-budget film. When a certain film resonates with me to some extent, I prioritize director’s passion and potential rather than my guarantee or treatment. I thought KU was a very smart and passionate director”. Shim went on to say, “I really sympathize with the scenario. The mother in the film just wants her daughter not to live a life like herself. It is quite an intense story, but I think it is realistic”. 

“Daughter” is drawing a big attention recently, as it is officially invited to “Korean Film’s Today – Panorama” section of the 19th PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival). The two’s photography and interview can be seen in “PIFF Special Edition” to be published with the October issue of “In-Style”. 

Source: ygfamily

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