[News] Ku Hye Sun boasts highest number of FB friends for Korean female actor!

– More than 3.7 million followers

Actor KU HYE SUN is arousing much attention with the number of followers on her Facebook page.
According to Social Bakers, (http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-pages/celebrities/country/south-korea/by-fans/), a social network ranking site, the number of followers on KU HYE SUN’s Facebook page surpassed 3.7 million on July 8. In just a day on July 7, she attracted 6,429 followers, to be at #3 in “most rapid rank-climbing in a day”.
Fellow YG Entertainment artists like PSY, BIGBANG and 2NE1 ranked #2, #3, and #4 respectively, all ranging at the top in Korea. Amongst Korean female actors, KU HYE SUN ranks the highest by being at #12.  
She boasts global popularity—21% of the followers accounts for those in the Philippines and it is followed by Vietnam and Indonesia. 

The big-hit drama of 2009 in which KU HYE SUN starred, KBS2’s “Boys Over Flowers”, seems to maintain its heat all over the world as the male actors of the series like Lee Minho (#1), Kim Beom (#7) and Kim Hyun Joong (#11) still rank in the top range.
KU HYE SUN has gained popularity on the social networking site (https://www.facebook.com/kuhyesun1109) by unveiling her honest self, including small happenings of everyday life and selfies, while also posting her artwork, drama’s behind-the-scenes and her photos with no makeup. 
Her recent post that read, “Doing over-loaded laundry till after midnight, it’s hot,” with a photo of herself without makeup, was envied by many for her fair skin and younger-looking appearance.
KU HYE SUN was highly praised in the recently-ended drama on SBS, “Angel Eyes” (Written by Yoon Ji Ryun, Directed by Park Shin Woo), by playing a character named Yoon Soo Wan who finds her heart-aching love after going through much sadness and pain.
Source: ygfamily


6 responses to “[News] Ku Hye Sun boasts highest number of FB friends for Korean female actor!”

  1. matet says :

    our lovely Ku Hye Sun should always be at the top, she deserve it… tnx meow for the post 😉

  2. Adedayo T Elizabeth says :

    so happy she deserve it! thanks for sharing

  3. chong says :


  4. ana linsangan says :

    Wow nice… Congrats unnie…

  5. ana linsangan says :

    You deserving that popularity…your so very talented. …sweet….beautiful and nice person…still wishing that you and lee min ho do another tv drama…

    • Lily Ng says :

      go hye sun desered popularity in all the world she is pretty. sweet and naturally beautiful i wish she will has another drama

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