[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 140618 Angel Eyes Official Stills




20 responses to “[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 140618 Angel Eyes Official Stills”

  1. sunnies asia says :

    I’m starting to missed them… WanJoo couple♥™

  2. bibi says :

    Honestly, these two should just hook up.they look awesome together.their chemistry is on point, and they seem so at ease with each other.he would be good for her!!!sorry LMH,still love you.but the time has come for KHS to move on.

  3. lady of wales says :

    I am really hoping this wedding will become reality, I pray to god, that it will be Hye sun and Sang yoon, couple of the year,or husband and wife of the year 2014.sorry don’t mean to hurt anybody, god bless you bothxxx.

  4. Lily Ng says :

    ku hye sun is really beautiful with the wedding dress and she really has a very smiling face and bless her in good health and happy

  5. reez says :

    I’m 100% agreed with bibi and lady of wales. Let’s pray for wanju couple.Pls meow .deliver our message to them. Let both GHS and LSY know our wish.Hopefully they will consider to develop their feeling to become reality loving couple.

  6. rahmawati says :

    Indeed..they both just lovely n adorable couple.. i hope they ended up together as a real couple..

  7. febie says :

    ku hye sun so lovely and beautiful wearing wedding dress, I like LSY for ku hye sun, i wish they end up for real couple.

  8. Adedayo T Elizabeth says :

    LSY is ku hye sun girl friend ex! how do you think she will develop feeling for her best friend Ex………………………..?

  9. lady of wales says :

    well, yes it might be a bit complicated to think of, falling in love with your girl friends EX boyfriend, when you say EX- that’s mean their relationship are over, so, Ku’s best friend, EX boyfriend is free, Ku’s best friend is a professional, as I look at her, she is a very kind hearted lady and she will have a very good understanding at heart, but saying this, we are talking about of respect and consideration, that would be depends on Ku and her best friend. Please this is only my point of view Ok? Thanks every one.

  10. Mary Chu says :

    GHS is not the type to covet her friend’s ex plus there is an unwritten law about going out with you friend’s ex. If u look at her photo here- she is looking elsewhere and just acting. She is with LMH – even today – you can see all the couple items – especially shoes . Her shoes in angel eyes is same what LMH wire in China recently. They will kiss other people on movies and drama but this two are already together and still going. GHS and LMH are both good people so I just wish them the very
    best ! Too bad they can’t come out in public.

  11. Sunniesforever says :

    GhS look good with every guy but my heart desires for Goo and Lee Sang Yoon to be together after watching Angel Eyes and also knowing the backgrounds of these two actors. These two actors have many things in common. Both are damn too intelligent, talented and kind 🙂

  12. reetayus says :

    Yes!!!..I am with you sunniesforever.wanju couple forever.

  13. Adedayo T Elizabeth says :

    i wish ku Hye sun all the very best – a Man that will appreciate her worth & endowment not a user! all the very best KHS

  14. angel eyes says :

    I ALSO WANT LEE SANG YOON AND KU HYE SUN to be together and forever..

  15. cinders h says :

    KHS is a beautiful woman inside out – her enormous transformation since BOF. She delivered so well in AE with a superb chemistry with LSY and his good
    acting too! And that manifested why so many shipper for these two beautiful
    creation. My takes for KHS/LSY – both has the potential materials for a blissful life in real (have searched both profile) Second is timings if both are ready since it is very common issues for celebs. The issues about ex-bf/gf and who is
    who is a non-substance factor not even a cultural enigma because LOVE IS UNIVERSAL and love conquers all. AE storyline can be their mirror of a pure love that can be pursued no matter what. This is close to reality than the other
    ship. Hoping that this dream will be heard…. KHS deserves it! Sorry guys, am just claiming my freedom of expression. LOL! 🙂

    • OCaefan says :

      Love your post! If GHS is already in a relationship and if in these photos, she is just acting as some fans claim, then good for her – I think she did an excellent job and something amazing happened between the 2 leads in this drama and everyone, including those who ship her with another actor, saw it and most importantly, “felt” it. I just watched bof recently — and I must tell you all that GHS transformation into a mature and beautiful actress from the bof days is undeniable and remarkable. I can’t see her with a “flower boy” anymore but a mature, handsome, and intelligent man – who complements her in who she is – a true artist, not someone who is addicted to fame and money. But a true artist who continuously seeks to be better and is free to express himself – without regard for ex- whoever. The 2 leads of AE bravely portrayed PDJ and YSW because they believed in the project and thank goodness – they didn’t factor in the ex- factor. They deserve applause!

  16. Adedayo T Elizabeth says :

    but a mature, handsome, and intelligent man – who complements her in who she is – a true artist, not someone who is addicted to fame and money. But a true artist who continuously seeks to be better and is free to express himself – without regard for ex- whoever. ku hye sun deserves the best!

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