[Photo] 140616 Ku Hye Sun @ Angel Eyes wrap-up party

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11 responses to “[Photo] 140616 Ku Hye Sun @ Angel Eyes wrap-up party”

  1. mkjoydizon says :

    She is downright gorgeous!

  2. Ruth says :

    Our dear angel GHS…beauty in elegance! Great job in Angel Eyes!

  3. Lily Ng says :

    ange; eyes come to the end with best drama and tell about the true love

  4. Adedayo T Elizabeth says :

    ku hye sun is beautiful, her stepping and carriage is breath taking!

  5. bibi says :

    wowwwwwww…..!!!!!!!!! awesomeeeee!!!!she looks amaziiiinnnngggggg….eat your heart out LMH.this girl is on fire!!!!

  6. rahmawati says :

    Beautiful koo hye sun..shiny in white

  7. chong says :


  8. Mary Chu says :

    GHS- you are beautiful inside and out . Love you and Min ho. He us beautiful inside and out too!

  9. lady of wales says :

    Hello angel eyes, you are an angel, your beauty just like a magnet, is there any more project on coming for you and Lee sang Yoon? If there is can it be, Angel Eyes part two? Love triangle with Lee Minho, lol ! Missed it already, it is already have become a habit for us to look forward every week end, Saturday and Sunday it become special for us. Good luck for the next project, hope it will not be too long. God bless you xxx

  10. rahmawati says :

    Beautiful.. Koo Hye Sun..

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