[News] Lee Min Ho Opens Charity Platform ‘Minoz’ to Make Societal Contributions with Fans

Lee Min Ho opened a charity site ‘Minoz’ on June 13 to start giving along with his fans.

In order to return the love he is receiving from not only Asia but from around the world, Lee Min Ho launched a charity platform to make societal contributions through meaningful activities.

‘Promiz’ is a combination of words ‘promise,’ ‘Lee Min Ho’ and his fan club ‘Minoz,’ and it signifies ‘sharing bigger love through Lee Min Ho and fans’ love.’ It was prepared by Lee Min Ho over a long time, thanks to his desire to communicate with the fans long-term and share love with one another in a mature way.

‘Promiz’ will be selecting a different theme each year to carry out activities that are related to the theme. This year’s theme has been selected to be ‘water.’

It is also carrying out ‘Knock’ project, which donates 100 won for each person that registers on the website as well as sales of official items that Lee Min Ho participated in planning. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to Promiz’s charity campaign, ‘Knock.’

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is currently filming Gangnam Blues, which is set to release this winter.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source: enewsworld



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