[News] Ku HyeSun fans, Gift of big-hearted lunch for Angel Eyes’ 150 people.

[Osen Reporter Kwon JiYoung] Ku Hye Sun’s fans presented AE staff with lunch on location.

Ku Hye Sun Fans Cooperation (this is the collective name made up by snow summer for all three groups)  decided to give support to Ku Hye Sun who is working hard as Yoon SooWan in Angel Eyes drama. Fans brought Samgetang and lunch boxes and coffee cart and enhanced the working environment at the Angel Eyes set in IlSan, Gyungi-do.

The weather was hot at 30 degrees C. For the hard working production team and staff, fans prepared health food Samgetang for 150 people plus other lunch boxes and coffee cart (for over 200 people) that had menus using Yoon SuWan name such as Swanni-Latte, etc (I am not going to list them again…we already know..keke)

It is reported that the overworked and overheated staff could not stop their smiles by the fans’ gifts.

After finishing her meal, Ku Hye Sun took a pix holding her flower bouquet to express her warm gratitude for the fans warm thoughts and deep consideration.

Source: OSEN

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi


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3 responses to “[News] Ku HyeSun fans, Gift of big-hearted lunch for Angel Eyes’ 150 people.”

  1. criselda says :

    Wow, for 150 people and some extra more? Congratulations for a job well done. More power to KHS Fans Cooperation! AE team, DAEBAK!

  2. chong says :

    thank you to my fellow fans who is always supporting to our dear idol!!!!god blesssss

  3. Adedayo T Elizabeth says :

    she deserves it! thanks 4 sharing

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