[Photo & Video] Lee Min Ho – 《LOHAS乐活》2014 June Issue

Cre LOHAS乐活杂志


3 responses to “[Photo & Video] Lee Min Ho – 《LOHAS乐活》2014 June Issue”

  1. Allaine says :

    Lee min ho is cute and handsome,I want that Lee Min Ho will marry Ku Hye Sun….they are cute couple…

    I don’t like Park Shin Hye to Lee Min Ho!
    Thank you!

    • Ave says :

      I am sure that all MinSun fans have the same sentiments about loving to see the two together than with anyone else….Five years have past, still, looking at the videos on the off camera closeness and fondness of Lee Min Ho and Ku Hye Sun to one another, no other partners can compare.

      Just wondering, do they actually find the time to visit this site and read the comments?

  2. Dephil says :

    Even if they do visit this site or other sites, yu can’t teach people how to love, neither can u can choose for them whom to love… It would have been great if their romance went beyond d mind blowing BOF… But we must learn to separate reality from fiction… Always minsun 🙂

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