[STARCAST] When Lee Min Ho shows interest in someone… 6 steps in behavior change

People say about this guy like this,

“A statue is walking.”
Would it be because of his appearance? He has too selfish height, 187cm. His skills of playing piano and guitar are just a plus. He has nothing missing. But he has one thing missing….
“That is L.o.v.e. C.e.l.l”
He is complete ‘Lee Min Ho’. But he has never been into relationship with a girl. He is ‘Matrix single’. He only has fantastic chemistry with his puppy, ‘Brown’. Their relationship is similar to Kristoff and Sven of the animation, ‘Frozen’.

Why would we talk about Lee Min Ho’s love cell?
This is a story of ‘LOVE LINE’ which is a Chinese mini-drama of SNS messenger, ‘LINE’. He has transformed into a matrix single in this drama. He also has relationship with Chinese actor, Haden Ku through SNS.

We will first introduce the role of Lee Min Ho. He has taken the role of a global music producer, ‘Min Ho’. He is handsome with smart ability. He falls in love at the first sight of LingLing (Haden Ku), who came to Korea.
But it’s not easy having relationship with someone. It’s just like as if she’s mine, but she’s not. There is no push and pull in their relationship. Lee Min Ho is not good with love. He just loves innocently and directly. Would their love come true?

We would look how Lee Min Ho falls into love.

1st stage. Falls in love at the first sight.
Love in drama is all the same. It starts in a sudden. Lee Min Ho also did. He encounters LingLing in the middle of his walk at the South Mountain. LingLing was taking a photo in the Namsan Tower on her own.

LingLing asks Lee Min Ho to take a photo of her since it wouldn’t include the whole Namsan Tower if she takes a self-pic. Lee Min Ho misunderstands her that she recognizes him and poses ‘V’. They get close by this misunderstanding.

“Suddenly looks pretty”

“Am I into you?”

“Can I love you?”

Second stage. Poor in expressing his mind
Love cell is getting alive one by one which he thought it was dead. His relationship with LingLing starts. Wall between distance and language? It doesn’t matter now if they have conveyed their feelings by SNS emoticons.
This stage is where he smiles by only looking at the mobile phone. He feels happiness by rethinking about the conversation with her. It is romance if I do it, while it is ugly when others do it. Lee Min Ho is like that.
“Even at things which is nothing”
“Doing LINE for 24 hours”
3rd stage. Thinking about her all the time.

The start of the relationship changes into love. He cannot stop thinking of her all day long. 24 hours is not enough thinking about LingLing. He thinks about her time to time when looking at TV, sleeping, and working.

At this stage, gazing vacantly is usual. He carefully sends an emoticon to LingLing. He smiles naturally when he sees the ‘read’ mark. They open their minds to each other and begin to know each other.

“Thinking about LingLing in his dream”
“Thinking about LingLing while working”
4th stage. 1 seconds is like 1 year.


Is he taking a photo shoot dressed up smart? But he is nervous holding his mobile phone. People who have experienced falling in love would know this. They respond quickly at small vibrations at this time.
Min Ho is also a mobile phone-holic. He cannot put his phone down while working in the worry that there might be a phone call. There is no reply from her at his question whether she is busy. Min Ho’s mind is aching. He finally sends infinite stickers having a meltdown.
 ‘What are you doing?’, ‘Busy?’, ‘Call me’….

“Her phone wouldn’t have broken down”

“3 combos of ‘What are you doing?’, ‘Busy?’, ‘Call me’….”


5th stage. Appealing his charms
Appealing charms in the 5th stage is important. He has to appeal his strong points the most. His appearance is his strong point. Min Ho puts on lotion precisely in order to have a video call with LingLing. The preparation time doubled more than usual. 

Min Ho, who prefers casual style, wore style which he does not wear usually. He puts on a suit by asking a stylist. He hums a song~. It seems that the minds of male or female, who wants to look smart in front of their interested person, are the same.

“Scent is important”

“Male’s hair style is also important”

6th stage. Serenade for her.
The last part of ‘when man loves’ is the stage of proposing. It is the best thing to know about her mind at this complicated stage. The problem is how to do it. Min Ho has prepared a serenade by appealing his genius composing skills.
His strategy was like this. He asked his manager and stylist to bring LingLing at a secret place. Min Ho looks at her while playing the piano. Did his serenade success? Look at the conclusion through LINE~.

“Thinking about musical motif”

“This is it~”

“Serenade for LingLing”

“Do you like me?”

It would be sad to end like this, right? We asked Lee Min Ho about the behind story of the shooting.

STARCAST: We heard that it was the sweetest acting until now.
 “The script was very bright. There was no sweet melo-script until now so I could enjoy the shooting. Also it was good to act being exposed in the sunlight. Other shootings were done at sets so there was no time to spend time in the sun. I felt happy to take an outdoor shooting”.

STARCAST: You acted with a Chinese actor, Haden Ku. The romantic chemistry was great.
“It did not take long since it was a CF drama. Scenes were separated so we didn’t have much time to talk. But it was okay. Talking with LINE emoticons was fun.”
“The harmony with the puppy, Brown, was also fun. I actually like puppies. I’m clenching my fist in the drama, but I’m actually holding on to Brown’s snack. That is why Brown loved me more.”
We release private collection pictures of Lee Min Ho. You will change the background screen to his images, right?
“I’m perfect for romance”
“I’m handsome, right?”
“I’ll be handsome always~”
“So let’s meet at the next shooting”
Writing = Kim Hyo Eun (Dispatch)
Picture = LINE


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  1. mafe says :

    Go for a real romance oppa! It’s time, it could be late or never if it’s not NOW……you can do it in between success and fame!!!!

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