[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 140516 Angel Eyes Official Stills




9 responses to “[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 140516 Angel Eyes Official Stills”

  1. aileen says :

    wow that kiss so romantic

  2. Ruth says :

    The perfect couple Wanjoo! Can’t get enough of their scenes together!

  3. chong says :

    it was a perfect kiss!!!somebody will be jealous,it’s only a kiss without feeling!

    • OCaefan says :

      Are you sure “without a feeling”? that would be almost impossible… It sure did not look that way to me – no offense. Their kiss was off the charts amazing.. Never seen anything like it.

  4. sun2346 says :

    I like this drama,she is very kind heard.Cheer my dear Hye Sun.

  5. sasha says :

    I do feel happy whenever I see GHS.I so much like her.She’s talented and cute.kp it up.muah!!!…

  6. ringmani says :

    OMG!!!! that kiss was so romantic and I just loved them both lots of love 4 u both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bibi says :

    interesting!!!!!wow…..this was awesome……

  8. cinders h says :

    Love that passionate kiss! – very charming.. beautiful execution of LSY/GHS.

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