[Video] Lee Min Ho – LINE micro drama 《一线钟情》 EP1

Cre [LINE Hong Kong/Macau]



3 responses to “[Video] Lee Min Ho – LINE micro drama 《一线钟情》 EP1”

  1. chyne22 says :

    I don’t know why. But this video screaming GHS to me. The dog looks like Ghamja. And the room with full of books, reminds me of GHS studio. Also the guitar and keyboard. lol… Cute micro drama though. Although normally, if I use the wrong sticker, I will just explain it, that I sent the wrong sticker…lol…

  2. aileen says :

    who’s the writer of this micro drama? it’s a copy of GHS lifestyle, the dog, books , composing songs, the guitar and piano.

  3. Mary Chang says :

    Lee Minho, he is very handsome and cute, but the first part, the photographer did not catch the very nice corner of his face, the second and third he looks the way he should be, after all nice to see his new product again, as one of his fans, I am pretty satisfied. Hahaha!!

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