[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 140429 Angel Eyes Official Stills




6 responses to “[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – 140429 Angel Eyes Official Stills”

  1. Sunnies-Asia says :

    Love Love episode 5-6 congrats to Koo Hye Sun for superb acting….

  2. lady of wales says :

    This drama really make me cry, the story is very heavy even from the beginning, in episode 5 & 6, your acting wow !!, I was crying with you KU! all of you are really good actors. To the whole team, good work, good luck, looking forward for more episode. Thank you all xx

  3. aileen says :

    i really love episode 6 have watch it maybe 3 or 4 times already and i am still have the urge to watch again. i love her acting in episode 6

    • rahmawati says :

      I agree with you, i also watched episode 6 more than 4 times because i really like it,,,and i want to watch it again..love the story very much..love G
      ghs too

  4. criselda says :

    just finished watching ep. 6. hu hu hu my eyes still in tears… waaaaaah …why is this drama so good? GHS, you’re so amazing as YSW, you nailed it, my dear, so proud of you. AE team- DAEBAK! more power!

  5. wiwik oming says :

    aigooo…it’s amazing..speechless… i love all the episodes but episode 5 and 6 really drained my emotions, the best drama I’ve ever watched after BOF anyway I do love all the drama that played by our angel Hye Sun ssi… fighting!!!

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