[Photo] Lee Min Ho for Innisfree

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9 responses to “[Photo] Lee Min Ho for Innisfree”

  1. Maria Paunescu says :

    I am always greatful to you @ meow for keeping us informed with the newest news .Thank you so much! DEAR LEE MIN HO , do you peak this photos ? they are not new .you want to tell us what we want to hear? Is OK our beloved ? Is she come back or is she abandon us for good ? I hope is not the case ! anyway thank you for the photos ,they raise my spirit .

  2. dee says :

    Minho where is angel??v all are worried about her..angel where are u?miss u so much..

  3. regie says :

    yellow flowers again! hmmm…wifey’s favorite flower color haha!

  4. skarlettpatt says :

    my gosh is so perfectly beautiful, sexy and tender of course yeah its perfect how no to love him ….
    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lee min ho…

  5. nurlaila says :

    Why no news to Indonesia oppa? When there are updates from starhausM Now it seems no more updates.

  6. Maria says :

    Wow, Min Ho looks so handsome! Yellow flowers for our angel Hye Sun? It’s her favorite. She loves yellow flowers. Innisfree for LMH & Ecopure for GHS. Both for pure & clean environment.

  7. bibi says :

    love u LMH!bt can anybody tel me where GHS is?it bin a while!m getn worried about her,is she ok?

  8. janileeV says :

    I really love this blog because it tell’s and updates news about lee min ho 🙂 <33

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