[News] Ku Hye Sun becomes a best-selling author in Indonesia with her novel Tango

Actress Ku Hye Sun recently became a best-selling author in Indonesia with her novel Tango.

On August 31, Ku uploaded a picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “My novel Tango has been exported to Indonesia, and it recently became a best-selling novel. I feel more responsible for it now.”

The picture shows the front cover of the Indonesian version of Ku’s novel Tango and a list of best-selling novels in Indonesia.

Ku’s novel Tango was published in 2009. It’s about a woman’s love and the break-up of her love. The novel has attracted a lot of attention with Ku’s hand-drawn illustrations.

People responded: “You’re so talented.” “Congratulations.” “I didn’t know that you are also a writer.”

Source: Starnews
Credit: korea.com

Gu Hye Sun’s Novel Becomes Best Seller in Indonesia

Gu Hye Sun has established herself as a literary favorite in Indonesia.

On August 31, Gu Hye Sun revealed her accomplishment via her Twitter as she wrote, “My novel Tango was exported to Indonesia and it’s become a best-seller. I feel a greater sense of responsibility.”

Included was a shot taken of a ranking from an Indonesian chart on its best-selling novels which showed Gu Hye Sun’s Tango on top.

The love novel was originally released in 2009 in Korea and had previously made headlines for featuring illustrations drawn by the multi-talented actress herself.

Netizens commented on the accomplishment saying, “What a multi-entertainer”, “Congratulations” and “I didn’t know you wrote a book! I’m going to buy it now.”

Photo Credit: Gu Hye Sun’s Twitter

Souce: enewsworld


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8 responses to “[News] Ku Hye Sun becomes a best-selling author in Indonesia with her novel Tango”

  1. regie says :

    wow! congratulations GHS! i would buy your novel as well if there’s an Eng version.

  2. tru t says :


  3. anja prabowo says :

    Already read your book Hye sun-ssi. Just like read your diary anyway hehehehee…congrat hye sun-ssi. Hubby must be pround of you. Even I’m already read indonesia language version, I’m still waiting for english version.

    This is weekend right? I think hubby right beside now. Just kiss him deeply for us 😀

  4. Rindiany lmh says :

    yeach spend ur night with ur beloved hubby.
    He must miss u so much.
    It’s very important,right?
    Be happy always Minsun couple!;-):-D

  5. dee says :

    whoa our smart author!!wishing for more success in future..

  6. viloveghs says :


  7. weirminho says :

    OMG…Are you a wondergirl? Good at in every entertainments…Actress,Editor,Author,Painter
    what will you be next my dear? ^_<

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