[Interview]Lee Min Ho – A Different Type of Charm (Easy Sept 2012)

Source: 李萌鎬 @ weibo

Translation Credit: Chloe



11 responses to “[Interview]Lee Min Ho – A Different Type of Charm (Easy Sept 2012)”

  1. weirminho says :

    haha..almost..10 years he will decide to marry..so long^_< (really poor your soulmate)

  2. Maria says :

    Oh my, a long ways to go…it’s ok you’re a guy anyway. kekeke…you’re describing my lovely koohs as your ideal wife, “assertiveness & good on what she does” exactly!

  3. kai says :

    @maria. indeed. but i don’t think she can wait for 10 years…hohoho…

  4. S says :

    Thanks, Meow. This interview sounds like exactly an old one that he did some months ago. Did they just reprint it?

  5. anja prabowo says :

    OmG LMH – ssi do you want hye sun – ssi waiting for 10 years??? Are u sure? Because you will regret until you die if you lose her.

  6. patty says :

    hohoh i think that he’ll announce that he’s married when he has 35 years old!!! this is the difference 🙂

  7. regie says :

    hahaha like always he’s consistent! i bet the antiMinSun will again say it’s copy paste uh~oh! GHS will be featured in a woman’s magazine this september and minho too! yay, they’re really into each other, aren’t they? and MH to get married after 35? naahhhhhhh…another lip service! he won’t wait that long. i think he meant he’ll announce he’s married at age 35!

  8. rindianylmh says :

    I am waiting for their baby.
    I hope they have a baby soon.
    I think this way can make them announce to get married….hehehe just kidding!
    cause I love minsun so much.

  9. Sunniesforever says :

    I love Lee Minho’s acting extremely but besides acting, I absolutely hate this guy for the lack of honesty and commitment to his lady. He keeps on falling for every girl. His ideal lady keeps on changing! Gyo Hye Sun deserves an angel not a play boy! GHS deserves a sincere man. Can we ever dare to see our GHS hurt by falling for a guy who has never been committed! Honestly saying, LMH can keep no lady happy with his infidelity!! I can’t dare see my Goo Hye Sun hurt! The feeling of my angel being in pain is more torturous than anything to me.. LMH is not Goo Jyun Po! He is absolutely opposite to the character he played in BOF, lacking consistency, honesty and commitment! Everytime, he is in a new drama, he keeps falling for his costar. He himself admitted that he falls eaily for girls. He likes many girls simultaneously. Should we still root for Minsun! GHS is so pure! She is an angel! GHS deserves best not worst!

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