[Photo] Ku Hye Sun visited Gal So Won (Bbosong) on the filming set

according to Ayesuper, the location was really far away. She & Bbosong seems to become real sisters that she travelled all the way to visit her and brought many gifts

Translation of the blog post

The blogger must be Gal SoWon’s mother.

After hearing that SoWon is filming for a movie (to be released on Dec 23) Ku Hye Sun Unnie came to cheer for SoWon.

With heaps of snacks for the staff and gifts for SoWon, she came to see SoWon with genuine concern.

I felt undescribable gratitude and my heart just crumbled.

After finishing up DaeJun filming and returning to Seoul, everything felt like a burden and I did not even want to look at the blog.

However, I just could not let go of the deep impression Ku Hye Sun left me.

All the actors and the staff were very surprised by Ku Hye Sun’s visit. We were all movied by her genuine consideration for SoWon and her loyalty that brought her all the way to DaeJun.

The next day, I was so thankful that I sent her a text. But HyeSun-ssi responded with, “I need to live better..I am the one has been blessed..There are many things that I feel sorry to SoWon. I hope that I can see her for a long long time.”  I was impressed once more.

The fact that we got to know each other through Please Captain is a blessing. As HyeSun-ssi said, I want to protect the relationship between SoWon and Ku Hye Sun for a long long time.

She is a person to be thankful for. She is a person who has radiant light inside her heart.

She also left just one photo. (This means that Ku Hye Sun did not go to DaeJun to be the center of attention–she really cares for SoWon.)

Source: ming751 @ naver blog

Transaltion Credit: cheerko @ soompi



11 responses to “[Photo] Ku Hye Sun visited Gal So Won (Bbosong) on the filming set”

  1. gayu312 says :

    Ku hye sun ssi is very cute and beautiful in this picture 🙂

  2. dee says :

    Aww..so cute..i want to pinch so won’s cheek..cutie cutie!muah muah!hye sun angel luks so pretty and angelic..i guess they are very close now and they regard each other like sisters.love both the cuties!! 🙂

  3. chyne says :

    Both are pretty. And they looked like sisters…It’s nice to see that GHS is till keep in touch with Boosong 😀

  4. regie says :

    the beautiful Han sisters! i missed their bonding in PCAP!

  5. viloveghs says :

    You like an Angel.. you love kids.. and you so PRETTY.. !!!

  6. S says :

    The Han sisters are just so cute. It is touching to see them still in close relationship after the drama ended.She is a good role model for Sowon.

    Thanks, Meow. You are great at keeping us up to date..

  7. chong says :

    i miss you…………

  8. chong says :

    charity begin always in our heart…you have a golden heart that we are so PROUD of you…thank’s for being so kind and god will always blessed you my love my idol and my wonder woman….lovelotsssss

  9. Maria says :

    Awww! Love this pictures. Hye Sun is a good Unnie. I miss the Han sisters. Thanks for sharing this pictures GHS!

  10. naila says :

    tu est tellement belle , j aimerais vraiment que tu laisse pousser tes cheveux mais peu importe quel genre de coup de cheveux tu a tu seras toujours magnifique 😀

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