[Video] Ku Hye Sun – CG Production of 3D short film “Fragment of Memory”

Cre dawera.co.kr


7 responses to “[Video] Ku Hye Sun – CG Production of 3D short film “Fragment of Memory””

  1. chong says :

    Motivating this type of 3D is really AWSOME ,my god you been introducing your self as one of the korea’s bet for the international standard as a director….good luck and god blesss muah! love lotsssssssss

  2. neehr says :

    hello miss meow..do you have any news on why peach tree is not yet being shown?kamsahamida 🙂

    • meow says :

      I dunno … heard that it might be open in June but no further info so far

      • neehr says :

        thank you very much for the reply..let’s hope and pray for the release of The Peach Tree..I hope it will be very soon..hwaiting! 😀

  3. regie says :

    impressive! GHS is at pace with the fast-changing 21st century! proud to be your fan!

  4. skarlettpatt says :

    amazing fightin dear hye sun…….

  5. choisunfan says :

    I’ve seen this guy many times in Koohs films (her movie Magic, YOU and now in Fragments of Memory) He must be a loyal sunbae.

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