Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 02/06/2012

학교. 삼주남았습니다. 만세! yfrog.com/mnmpfhtj yfrog.com/kihooufj

updated on 02 June 2012 03:12 (KST)

Translation (by Google):

School. Three weeks to go. Hurray!



14 responses to “Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 02/06/2012”

  1. patty says :

    great! hye sun ssi updates her twitter, i have missed her so much but i understand that is very hard when there are tests, but i’m happy seeing her smile!

  2. chong says :

    gosh is almost 2am in saudi arabia,but i’m busy watching your drama in viki and now i check you in this blog and you been twitting your fans,my god even a single moment i will spend my time in my lap top just to see you always that you are alright and everything is under control,job well done for your 3D film,study hard and follow your dream, we will support you and no matter what happened i will always be here for you…i love you and god blessssssssss muah!

  3. zyra says :

    …..its good to see her smiling despite the hectic sched…fighting hyesun..!

  4. rindianylmh says :

    I see that ring
    My god,,i am sure that’s from ur hubby

  5. dee says :

    Finally our fairy tweets again.i was missing her too..glad to see her smiling despite her studies..i am waiting for peach tree..

  6. regie says :

    ahahaha! finally a tweet from our GHS! wait…she’s wearing the ring from hubby! yahoo! yahoo!

  7. chyne says :

    OMO, she tweets…*cheering*…she looks fresh, and her hair looks longer. Im happy she’s doing just fine…

  8. choisunfan says :

    Beautiful smile. Oh yeah! I see the “promise Ring” 🙂

  9. kai says :

    Oh yeah, he can’t be wearing ring or any accessories anymore because people might get the wrong idea….so it’s her turn instead. Smart move you guys!

    • choisunfan says :

      Agree! Hubby is telling people”hey, guys this woman is taken” so, back off..! 😉

  10. kai says :

    Hahaha, I was just looking at the calendar while reading again her tweet. She should have tweet like this….hubby’s birthday. 20 more days to go. Hurray!!!!!

  11. kai says :

    One more thing… is that a three diamond stud earrings???? “three years anniversary” and a promise ring???? hmmmm……sounds good enough for me.

    • choisunfan says :

      Good eye! 🙂 probably a gift from hubby. Wifey doesn’t wear much accesories since he became a Director. She posted a close-up shot to show us her “beautiful Smile” 😉

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