Lee Min Ho updates on Weibo on 01/06/2012


6 responses to “Lee Min Ho updates on Weibo on 01/06/2012”

  1. S says :

    Thanks,Meow. He looks good ,even with his eyes covered. Wonder why he only concentrate on Weibo,his Chinese fans these days and ignore twitter ,no personal twits from him. Yes China is a lucrative market, but he should remember those fans in other countries who have supported him right from the start. How about those fans form the rest of the world,who twit him with supporting messages?

    • patty says :

      agree with you

    • meow says :

      it’s obvious that these weibo tweets are for his endorsed brands only. those are brands in China and that’s why he focus on weibo.
      I dun think he would twit personal tweet like years before. He just tried to avoid any kind of rumor or unnecessary imagination. it’s understandable for his situation

      • S says :

        I know his weibo tweets are because of his endorsements. He should watch it.His tweets asking his fans to support his brands and neglecting those elsewhere….the optics is not so good.
        When a celebrity cares too much about one’s public image, one loses the personal connection to the fans. Fans then build up this godlike wonderful image, then their expectations are so high that it is impossible to meet.

    • meow says :

      I got what you mean. But I don’t think his SNS was really manned by himself, thus I don’t have that expectation.
      He/ his agency did update on FB & twitter on his drama or other endorsement like Trugen. And I see fans on weibo complained that those were not communicated through weibo too. seems it’s hard to satisfy all fans, right?

  2. skarlettpatt says :

    obviously he is a person very busy and is only one for all of us fans just have to always support him as fans and already…fighting my idol…
    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lee min ho…

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