[Photo] 120524 Lee Min Ho @ drama “Faith” shooting

Some pics of the filming location

Source & Credit: harurabon


Cre nate

Cre Lee Minho (이민호)



Cre Lemon_bab & as tagged



9 responses to “[Photo] 120524 Lee Min Ho @ drama “Faith” shooting”

  1. dee says :

    Omg minho..1st time seeing him in these outfits.i have mixed feelings.i m so used to admiring the stylish,cool and hot minho i dnt knw wat to say now but i m happy that i can see him in a new drama.but..it wil take me sometime to get adjusted to seeing him in this look..but he looks very manly 4 sure.. 🙂

  2. Chyne says :

    I thought it’s not allowed to take pics of shooting location. But we actually can see ‘Faith’ filming. Very nice…

  3. eee says :

    Why does his face look so damn fat now?What happened…i think it will seriously ruin his handsome image if he doesnt get rid of that fat…

    • S says :

      Don’t worry. Actors tend to lose weight once they start filming, esp live shoot period. Anyway, LMH always has chubby cheeks and bigger face structure. He still looks good and manly. It does not matter as long as he acts well.

    • choisunfan says :

      I think it is because of the costume. He’s looking great but I’m expecting a manly character like with beard or mustache.hmmmnn

  4. regie says :

    looking forward to watching minho in a historical drama. good luck LMH!

  5. ale3in says :

    Reblogged this on Lee Min Ho Bulgaria.

  6. skarlettpatt says :

    lol that funny but I really love he looks super hot,with those suits and I love long hair and I’m looking forward to see him in this drama… fighting dear min ho…
    love uuuuuuuu lee min ho…

  7. Nikki says :

    Yeah, i agree with u guys. He looks different in his new drama. We’re used to that hot and cool outfits that suits him. We just need a bit adjustment cause of his new look. I’m kinda disappointed cause of this but i have no right to say that. Let’s just support him in this new drama. Minhos fighting! ❤ Loveyou MinHo oppa! ❤

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