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[Video] Absolute Boyfriend’s Ku Hye Sun answered questions tweeted by Channel U viewers

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Q1. What is your thoughts about challenging Tawianese idol drama for the first time?
HS: Working with Taiwanese actors & crew is a brand new challenge to me. It was pleasant throughout the filming process.

Q2. What is the difference between filming drama in Taiwan & Korea? filming methos? culture? and what is the biggest challenge apart from language barrier?
HS: Actually the 2 places are not in great proximity, thus there is no big cultural difference. The difference is in Korea drama, flming and broadcasting undergo at the same time, this could be a pro or a con. And in Taiwan, drama will broadcast after the entire series finished filming. This also could be a pro or a con. This is the major difference.

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[News] Ku Hye Sun did the granny’s make-up on her own in Absolute Boyfriend

In a fantasy scene of Absolute Boyfriend, Ku Hye Sun has to play as a granny. Ku did the make-up all by herself! She said, “In Korea, usually there would be stand-in for this kind of scenes.” But for the first Taiwanese idol drama, Ku Hye Sun acted as the granny by herself.  She even did her own make-up and have enjoyed that. The staff called her the cutie granny, while Jiro also said, “though the hair is grey, she looks cute.”

Absolute Boyfriend receives positive feedback. Even the original author Watase Yuu in Japan watched the first 2 episodes and wrote feedback on her blog*. Jiro Wang, who plays the perfect lover Night, was greatly appreciated. Jiro always has to show off his body figure in the drama. Watase Yuu praised he had a great body and said, “Is it alright? He’s in an idol group!”

In addition, the author also said she’s willing to spend $100 million for the innocent robot lover played by Jiro. Especially for the scene Night cooked breakfast for XiaoFei, Watase jokingly said, “Please come here! Come here for the patient. As compared to family, Night is more important!” Jiro was grateful about that and expressed in weibo, “Thanks for the recognition.”

Apart from Jiro’s performance, the author also appreciates Ku Hye Sun’s acting. She wrote, “She is so cute. Full of  changes in expressions, she is charming.” Jack Na’s role, Lei Wu Wu, also earns high recognition from Watase. She said Jack is much older than the young salesman in the original manga. Though his dressing style is weird, he is a great actor and acted very well. He has his unique charm.


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* Watase Yuu’s blog post:

[Video] Absolute Boyfriend Ep03

Part 1

Part 2


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[Photo & Fancam] 120422 Lee Min Ho heading to Shanghai

@ Gimpo Airport

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Fancam by DAVE

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Arrival in Shanghai

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