[News & Photos] Ku Hye Sun Charms Students With Her Cuteness

Absolute Boyfriend aired its first episode on last Sunday April 8. It attracts female audience aged 25-34, with highest rating at 2 and average at 1. At the high school meet & greet today, Jiro Wang made a wish in front the cake which symbolizes rising rating, stated that “if rating is over 5, he and Penny will cut cake and drink Bubble Tea naked!” Ku Hye Sun said, “She will visit Taiwan again for celebration!”

After the meet & greet in Taipei last night, Ku Hye Sun rushed back to hotel to watch the first episode. She expressed, “It’s great.” Regarding her dubbed voice, she praised that the dubbing person, she said, “the dubbing is good, it sounds like my own voice.”

Ku Hye Sun attaches great importance to her first Taiwanese idol drama. She arrived in Taiwan last Friday (April 6) to promote the drama. She and Jiro & Penny attended 7 events in three days. Before leaving Taiwan today, she attended the meet & greet at high school with other casts.

All the casts appeared at the school, driving 800 students crazy and packed in the school hall. Seeing the energetic high school students, Ku Hye Sun said happily, “I am moved by their passion.” Jiro said it feels like returning to his own school, since he attended events in the same school as well for his previous projects. It’s not common for Korean star to visit school in Taiwan, students were happy to meet Ku Hye Sun. A student boldly confessed, “I have a crush on you!” Jiro immediately taught Ku Hye Sun Taiwanese dialect and she replied with a sweet smile, said, “I love you.”

Source: wownews

Translation by meow / loveghs.wordpress.com

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6 responses to “[News & Photos] Ku Hye Sun Charms Students With Her Cuteness”

  1. chyne says :

    OMG, I REALLY LOVE HER SHOES… She always looks stunning!! I hope all the best for her drama :)….

  2. jane says :

    omg! koo hye sun is look so cute …in here dress…all the best in your drama..

  3. dee says :

    oh she looks really pretty and radiant..that fan must be really bold to say that..i guess guys went crazy looking at our fairy..hoping for higher ratings..fighting hyesun and jiro.. 🙂

  4. S says :

    Thanks, Meow. Love this outfit and her killer legs! kekeke I can imagine the high schools boys having crushes on her. All through the promotions she looked so happy and radiant. So happy for her that she was having a great time. Hope for high ratings for AB. I love episode 1 . Look forward to episode 2.

  5. Zhaozhao says :

    Go..go hyesun and AB..
    Though i couldn’t watch it ..just wait a time to aired in here^^

  6. S says :

    Meow, do you know if GTV or FTV have twitter accounts so I can leave comments about AB? Thanks.

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