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[Trailer] Lee Min Ho – Innisfree micro film “First Love” Teaser 3

Cre innisfree


Lee Min Ho updates on Weibo on 27/03/2012


There are so many followers  already! Let me send you a surprise, we wil meet in China soon! Lee Min Ho share a blog post [Find the 3,333,333th follower on weibo]

The 3,333,331st – 3,333,335th followers (a total of 5) of Lee Min Ho’s Weibo will award 3 surprise gifts:

Gift 1 – Chocolate x 1 box

Gift 2 – A notepad with Lee Min Ho’s autograph

Gift 3 – Cosmetics from Lee Min Ho endorsed brand

* List of awardees will be announced through Sina Entertainment official weibo.

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