[News] Lee Min Ho Donates Personal Items for Thailand Auction

CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, KyungNam
Translation Credit : Erika Kim  

Lee Min Ho opened an auction to raise money for flood victims in Thailand.

On March 18, a broadcast in Thailand aired videos from Lee Min Ho’s ‘12 plus auction’ held on February 24. Lee Min Ho had donated many of his own items for the auction.

He appeared amidst deafening cheers from his fans, and opened the event by saying, “I came here in the hope that I would be of some help after hearing the bad news.”

He then went on to describe the items he had brought in for the auction, including a necktie he had used during a photo shoot for a clothing brand, a bracelet he used to wear a lot and a hat he had used during a shoot for City Hunter.

A total of 9 million won was earned through the auction. Lee Min Ho showed his thanks toward the participants by setting the hat on the winner’s head and putting the bracelet on the winner’s wrist himself, and finished up the event with hugs, handshakes and warm thanks.

Lee Min Ho said at the end of the event, “I want to thank the fans who participated. I heard City Hunter is currently airing. I hope you continue to support it until its end.” His Thai fans answered in Korean with a big “I love you.”

Netizens who saw the video left comments such as, ‘Kind Lee Min Ho. I’m envious of [the one receiving] the head pat after getting the hat’ and ‘I want that City Hunter hat’.

Photo credit: Online community website

Source: enewsworld



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