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[Photo & Fancam] 120308 Lee Min Ho @ Gimpo Airport (back from Jeju)

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[Photo] 120308 Lee Min Ho @ innisfree Green Tour in Jeju

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[News] Gu Hye Sun Trades Her Pilot Uniform for Pajamas

CJ E&M enewsWorld  Ko Hong Ju 
Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

Gu Hye Sun has switched out her pilot uniform for a pair of pajamas.

Gu, who is starring in the Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend, shows off her cuter side in the promo photo.

Absolute Boyfriend is based on a hit Japanese manga and is set in a fictional world where you can custom order your significant other. Gu stars as the female lead who orders a custom man and ends up falling in love with him.

Many are wondering if Gu will be able to recoup the popularity she had when appearing in Boys Over Flowers. The first episode of Absolute Boyfriend is set to broadcast on the Taiwanese channel, FTV on March 8. <<– (I think this should be April 8, Sunday)

Ironically enough, Absolute Boyfriend will begin airing on the same day Gu’s current Korean drama, Take Care of Us Captain is set to end.  (not the same day…)

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

Source: enewsworld


Ku Hye Sun appearing in pink pajamas in a Taiwanese drama series Absolute Darling

A poster for Taiwanese drama series Absolute Darling which actress Ku Hye Sun stars is unveiled.

On March 8, YG Entertainment posted some posters of Absolute Darling.

In the picture, Ku Hye Sun takes a cute pose, showing off her lovely charm in pink pajamas.

The series Absolute Darling is based on a Japanese graphic novel Absolute Boyfriend and has the virtual background where you can “order” your ideal type.

Ku stars the female leading character Xiaofei who falls in love with her perfect ideal type which she orders. Wang Dong Cheng of the popular Taiwanese group Fahrenheit plays Ku’s partner.

The actress is expected to continue her reputation since her big hit throughout Asia, Boys Over Flowers.

Absolute Boyfriend will broadcast the first episode on April 8 on Taiwanese broadcasting station FTV.

Source: Starnews


[News] Lee Min Ho freezes up the streets of Hong Kong

Actor Lee Min Ho recently froze up the streets of Hong Kong while on a trip for his advertisement filming.

On March 1st, a Chinese newspaper reported, “Lee Min Ho’s arrival in Hong Kong for his advertisement filming has paralyzed the streets of Hong Kong. His tall height and handsome looks were recognized by fans from a far distance, who all immediately gathered to catch a closer glimpse of the star.”

Reporters were met with a bit of a riff with the staff since they weren’t allowed to film the scene to avoid spoiling the actual CF.

Chinese netizens commented, “Lee Min Ho is so hot!” and “I hope he films a Chinese drama soon!”

Source + Photos: Donga via Naver

Translation: Allkpop

[Video] “Please Captain” Ep18

Part 1

Part 2


[Video] 120307 GTV 100% Ent. – Ku Hye Sun & Jiro Wang Interview @ Absolute Boyfriend Poster Shoot

*The interview content is more or less the same as the news I translated and posted previously, please refer to this for details

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