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Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 07/03/2012

updated on 07 Mar 2012 16:15

Translation (Credit cheerkoo @ soompi)

The biggest problem is making it into a problem by thinking it is a problem when it is not a problem.


[Trailer] “Absolute Boyfreind” 2nd Teaser – Ku Hye Sun @ Poster Photoshoot

為什麼別人都是一臉幸福的表情呀? 不行!我不要都沒有嘗過愛情的滋味,就一個人孤零零的到老死…  吼~~~原來只有我是孤單的

 Translation (by meow) :

Why everyone looks so happy? No! I don’t want to be alone til I die without experiencing love… hai~~~turn out I was the only one being lonely

Source: 絕對達令FB

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