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Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 03/03/2012

updated on 03 Mar 2012 00:40 (KST)

Translation (Credit cheerkoo @ soompi)

Ah..I am feeling very, very, very irritated about the fact that I must hang my laundry.


Hyesun tweet again in the morning

맘마를 원하는 감자씨.

updated on 03 Mar 2012 09:07 (KST)

Translation (Credit Ayesuper):

Gamja wants breakfast


[Videoo] “Please Captain” Ep17

Part 1

Part 2


[News] Lee Min Ho Shines in the Streets of Hong Kong

Translation Credit : Erika Kim

No matter where he is in the world, Lee Min Ho manages to stand out and shine.

A series of photos were recently posted on an online community under the title ‘Lee Min Ho photo shoot in Hong Kong’. Lee Min Ho left for Hong Kong to participate in a photo shoot for the Hong Kong clothing brand Semir on February 27.

The shoot mostly took place in downtown Hong Kong, allowing many people and paparazzis witness him on the streets and take pictures, which spread fast through social networks on the web.

Even in the photos that are out of focus, Lee Min Ho shines with his sharp features, and can be spotted easily with his tall height and slim body.

Netizens reacted with comments such as ‘So superior’, ‘He’s a walking pictorial’ and ‘The body of Asia’.

Lee Min Ho’s visit made it into the front page headlines of many prominent media outlets in Hong Kong. The actor returned to Korea on March 1 after shooting an ad on February 29.

Photo credit: Online community website

Source: enewsworld
*Note: the man sitting on a piano in the bottom right photo was not Lee Min Ho, the reporter must have mistaken.

Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 02/03/2012

땅콩입니다. 땅콩이 정말 땅콩같지요? 이불속에 숨어있는 이 녀석. 정말 땅콩같지요.

updated on 02 Mar 2012 12:44 (KST)

Translation (by Google)

Is peanut. Peanut is really Peanut eh? This guy hiding under the covers. It is really  Peanut.


Tweet again!!!

육학년때요. 짝꿍이 제 이마를보고 황비홍이라고 놀렸고요. 그 이후로 지금까지 쭈욱. 저는 앞머리로 이마를 가리게 되었는데요. 제가 그 짝꿍이를 좋아했거든요. 그때에.

updated on 02 Mar 2012 14:04 (KST)

Translation (Credit Ayesuper):

when I was an elementary 6th grade student, my friend teased me as 黃飛鴻 (Wong Fei-hung). So after that day, I always hide my forehead. Because I like him. Just at that time.


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