[News] Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young no longer dating

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Send Mixed Signals

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It was a big day for Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young fans, as rumors of the couple’s separation popped up and were initially received with mixed reactions among the stars’ agencies.

A media outlet reported on January 25 that the two weren’t in a relationship anymore. Such a thing happens to every public couple out there, but the agencies were the ones that made their fans confused by first coming out with different stances, then, in about an hour, confirming that the two were indeed, no longer together.

At first, an official for Lee Min Ho said about the news that the two are “still in a good relationship,” while an official from Park Min Young’s side drew the line and said “the two are good seniors and juniors.”

Something similar happened when the couple’s relationship first became known in August 2011; Lee’s side said “it’s hard to call it a love relationship,” but Park’s side said “they have good feelings for each other.”

Lee’s agency seemed to find it hard to acknowledge the relationship in the first place, and then couldn’t really confirm whether the two had broken up. On the other hand, Park’s side quickly admitted to the relationship and announced the end of the relationship faster. Where did this difference in attitudes come from?

Acquaintances of the two stated, “From the beginning, because the press was too eager to decide and say that the two are in a public love relationship, they were in an ambiguous situation.”

They meant that the couple was just starting to build on their relationship after the end of City Hunter, but because it was revealed too early, it became burdensome and awkward for them to continue seeing each other. Because they weren’t really in a relationship, nor out of it, the agencies couldn’t decide how to react.

An acquaintance stated, “It is true that even after the drama ended, they kept in touch and supported each other. But because Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young were busy and didn’t get to see each other as often, the relationship never became serious. They were just good juniors and seniors from the start, but because they were pushed to reveal their relationship through the news reports, they had been forced to become a public couple. It is true, however, that they’re still supportive of each other. Just interpret it this way.”

The acquaintance added, “Please keep your eyes on Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young so that they can overcome the various things that happened to them after City Hunter and mature to better actors.”

Source: enewsworld

Park Min Young says, “It’s true that I broke up with Lee Min Ho”

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have broken up in six months.

On January 25, The Daily Sports exclusively reported, “It has been found out that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, who started dating in July last year, broke up at the end of the year. Although they broke up last year, they’ve had a hard time to let their agencies know about it until now because they both were considerate of their agencies.”

In regards to this, Kingkong Entertainment, Park’s agency said, “It’s true that Park Min Young has broken up with Lee Min Ho.”

A spokesperson for Kingkong Entertainment said, “It’s a little bit hard to say that they have broken up because they were just getting to know each other when they first confessed that they were dating. They tried to get to know each other better, but their relationship didn’t develop any further from that.”

Lee and Park confessed about their relationship as paparazzi captured and released pictures of their date last year. They both appeared in SBS TV’s drama series City Hunter as lovers and surprised a lot of people later by confessing that they were dating for real.

Source: TV Report

Translation: korea.com
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80 responses to “[News] Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young no longer dating”

  1. osunseimi esther says :

    lee min ho and park min young why are u people doin this to urselves .at least u guys are no longer kids u are both old enough to have date mate .so dnt let any one confuse u cos back i city hunter u both look compartable so pls dnt break up i love u both

    • Tiselleah says :

      Truth be told, they never dated. If you read closely from the beginning Lee min ho kept trying to say that they weren’t dating,yet Park min young keeps insisting they were. Yes they were pictures but it was totally as friends. Which was turn into something more then what is. Reporters would be all over it. Le min ho had no choice but to agree. But it wasn’t long after they came out as they put it. Now Park min young all of a sudden broke up with Lee min ho. REALLY, for the past 6 mos, Lee min ho denies it but once the agencies came to an agreement, PARK MIN YOUNG is now insisting she’s the one that broke it off with Lee min ho. Those 6mos that they were together they were still filming city hunter. One can’t admit to something that never happen….. My observation only as I follow as a fan. Separating the Drama from realty.

  2. sara says :

    oh well the thing was fishy but lol i foundout about all this at 2013 wt a joke anywayz koo hye sun so great that i cant even imagine her with smone i mean the girl is breathtaking and no one i mean no one is good enough for her esp lee min ho(so sorry to say this here) but i could never get over the whole min young thing and wn i heard about my minsun bubble was burst thanx minho wtever but i keep saying if he makes her happy and if he loves her and if he kept lookin at her the way he dose now (that wt got me to minsun couple from the start the way they look at each other) then good luck i mean its her choice I LOVE U HYE SUN VEEEEEEEEERY MUCH ps sorry for the long post

  3. Carmen Cruz says :

    I’m sorry but every time I come across this, I laugh. Park Min Young knew darn well that there is no love relation with Lee Min Ho. Watching and following Lee Min Ho, there are facts that can’t be denied. I can see how he had to act like his some what dating due to some unfortunate events that was coheiress by a lady who is so wanting the attention she doesn’t deserve. Maybe I’m wrong but watching BOF, the way LMH was too busy talking to GHS rather then reading his part.The way he plays and jokes around GHS. Oh an the way he walked over to GHS and landed the killer kisses. OMG. One has to be blind not to see his in love with GHS. I read that even now PMY still has it the she’s with LMH. Get over it already an move on. No I don’t think LMH is jealous cause of the other man your suppose to going with. Your funny PMY. If not GHS, I think he’d rather go for PSH before he’d ever go to you. That’s the fact jack. LMH doesn’t like NEEDY people. That’s you dear heart. MOVE ON DARLING. His not for you. This is only my opinion. nothing more.

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