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Lee Min Ho’s “City Hunter” to Air on Fuji TV February 6

Lee Min Ho's "City Hunter" to Air on Fuji TV February 6

City Hunter which stars Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young will be broadcast on Japanese Fuji TV. The decision was made on January 30 and the drama will begin to air from February 6 to February 29. The drama will air for one hour and five times each week.

A Japanese broadcasting representative stated, “There is a lot of anticipation for City Hunter. The high quality of the drama has already been established, because the original manga is Japanese we believe that the moment it begins to air in Japan that Lee Min Ho will become a huge star.”

The representative continued, “Lee Min Ho is drastically changing with each drama he does. We believe that viewers who met Lee Min Ho through ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will fall for Lee Min Ho in ‘City Hunter.’”

Lee Min Ho’s agency stated, “After hearing about the news of a Japanese broadcasting of City Hunter, many other countries are giving love calls to Lee Min Ho. He is currently resting and figuring out what project to do next. Through essential promotions we plan on creating an event where he can greet fans of the drama series.”

Source: soompi


Lee Min-ho starrer “City Hunter” to air in Japan next month

Lee Min-ho poster for “City Hunter” [SBS]

A SBS TV series starring Korean actor Lee Min-ho will soon air in Japan, according to Lee’s agency Starhaus Entertainment on Tuesday.

A press release from Starhaus announced that Lee’s action drama “City Hunter” is slated to air five times a week through Japan’s Fuji TV from February 6 to 29.

“The viewers in Japan have high expectations for the show since it has received rave reviews when it first aired in Korea last year,” an official with Fuji was quoted as saying.

A rep from Starhaus said in the statement that they have gotten a number of offers from various countries overseas though Lee is currently taking a break from his activities.

“We hope to visit all the countries as soon as Lee decides on his next project.”

In “City Hunter,” Lee plays Lee Yoon-sung who vows to get revenge for his father’s death by starting to work at Korea’s presidential Blue House after receiving his doctorate from MIT and Park plays Kim Nana (played by actress Park Min-young), a judo athlete-turned-bodyguard, who works at the presidential office to protect Choi Da-hye, the youngest daughter of the President.

The show, based on the Japanese manga series by Tsukasa Hojo, is a collaboration by famed producer Jin Hyuk of hit dramas “Brilliant Legacy” and “Princess Prosecutor” and scenarist Hwang Eun-kyung of “New Hit” and “The President.”

The series, which aired in Korea for two months in May last year, was also sold to several other countries including the United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Source: 10asia


[Photo] Ku Hye Sun – “Please Captain” Stills & BTS (30 & 31/01/2012)


Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 31/01/2012… 다큐멘터리 티져영상입니다.^^

updated on 31 Jan 2012 12:36 (KST)


Documentary’s teaser video


Ku Hye Sun currently appearing on SBS’s Wed-Thu drama series ‘Take Care of Us, Captain’ as Han Da Jin. She teamed up with pianist Choi In Young, a team called ‘Documentary’, and participated in drama OST ‘Fly Again’.

* so now we know what is Documentary 🙂

Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter again on 30/01/2012

updated on 30 Jan 2012 11:26


 D-3 Documentary.


I think she is talking about the documentary program ‘너는 내 운명’ (You are my Sunshine) , which Hyesun took part as the narrator. It is a program about the pet & human relations, and is raising fund for animal protection organization. The program will broadcast on Channel A at 23:00 (KST) on Feb 2 to 5 for four 40-min. episodes. (Source: DongA)


Hyesun tweet again on Ceci interview 오랜만에…인터뷰.

updated on 30 Jan 2012 19:57 (KST)

Translation (by Google):

Interview in a  long time

Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 30/01/2012

으하하 (Ahahaha) ……

updated on 30 Jan 2012 01:26 (KST)

Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter again on 29 Jan 2012 – 감자입니다. 엄청컸지요? 뽀뽀.

updated on 29 Jan 2012 12:21 (KST)

Translation (by Google translation):

This is Gamja. Is he huge? Kiss

Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 29/01/2012

여자셋이 오랜만에 수다중인데요. (엄마랑 언니랑 저요.)저는 곧 일어나야합니다. 어머니! 저 내일 출근해야합니다.어머니…

updated on 29 Jan 2012 00:17

Translation (by Google & Babel Fish):

Three women was chattering for a long time. (My mom and my sister and me), I will wake up soon. Mother! I must go to work tomorrow, my mother …

Ku Hye Sun updates on twitter on 28/01/2012

updated on 28 Jan 2012 04:13 (KST)

Translation (by Google translation & Babel Fish):

Gamja has a bath. Apparently he has grown a lot. It all ends at 4:00… I only want to clean the toilet … Gamja has pushed a towel laundry …


“I gave Gamja a bath. He must have gotten bigger since last time because it was already 4 O’clock when I finished…Oh No..I have to clean up and organize the bathroom and I also need to wash Gamja’s towels that I have not washed for a while….”

Cre cheerkoo @ soompi

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