[News] A Billionsire Lee Min Ho

The star of City Hunter and the eye-catching king of CF (Commercial Filming) is back.

Actor Lee Min Ho is giving his best once again, and giving some shocking news.

Lee Min Ho just finish his SBS mini-series drama City Hunter (written by Hwang Eun Kyeong, directed by Jin Hyeok) and finishing them on the 20th episode. In one episode of City Hunter that approximately 80 minutes, Lee Min Ho is estimated to get 2.240 Million Korean Won in every 4 Billion Korean Won of the sales. After 20th episode, City Hunter is estimated to got 84 Billion Korea Won of revenue, so it could be counted that Lee Min Ho got approximately 4.800 Million Korean Won.

The City Hunter revenue doesn’t count the re-run of the series. City Hunter record a double-digit rating, and when it’s re-ran again on the weekend, it shows strong ratings and especially strong sales, it’s estimated that they got 20 Billion Won of revenue. So it could be said that they got approximate revenue of 100 Billion Korean Won.

South Korean Broadcast Station Official staff said ” Lee Min Ho the star of the drama could be the reason why the reactions for the drama is good from the beginning of the broadcast. On the timeline, it eventually has no.1 viewership record..”

Lee Min Ho is competing with 3 other dramas with popular rating on the different TV, but he  achieved the “All Kill” title, beating the other dramas. Lee Min Ho that gain his big popularity from KB2 TV Drama “Boys Over Flowers”, he worth more for advertisement and dramas, and all of his advertisement is sold out. His other drama, MBC “Personal Taste” also gain a high popularity and gain a profit over that 60 Billion Won. But City Hunter just blow them all away.

Lee Min Ho is doing Hyundai Veloster advertisement when he’s doing City Hunter and being a model for Hyundai Motor Company also, makes him being the CF King.

Original Source: newsnate
English Translation: Monika @ Korea.com


8 responses to “[News] A Billionsire Lee Min Ho”

  1. PnT says :

    Wow, I only hope after he get a lot of money so he will marry Goo hye sun. Sound stange but I hope it will happen one day!!!

  2. aprilia_dwi says :

    @pnt_AMIN AMIN AMIN,,^^

  3. sukreena says :

    Now that you’re super RICH, it’s time to settle down, to marry your sweet loving Jandi. MinSun fighting!!!

  4. aileen says :

    Hoping that after 5 years when lee min ho become very famous and successful, he will propose to goo hye sun. Just like the ending scene of Boy over Flower.

  5. aileen says :

    Maybe just like the ending scene in Boys over Flower, where Jun pyo promise Jandi that after 5 years when he become famous and successful, he makes a marriage proposal.

  6. sisiley says :

    jajaja si chicas yo pienso lo mismo , después de ser rico ahora si se casara con su querida goo hye sun porque ella es unica en su vida arriba minsun jaajjaaj

  7. Maria says :

    Hear that Min Ho? All of us still can’t get over Jun Pyo & Jandi loveteam. It’s because Hye Sun is perfect for you. I really hope you two would give it a chance. hehehe..Love you both.

  8. hazeljoy taos defacto says :

    good work lee min ho and also all the cast who create the city hunter

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