[News] Jiro Wang stars in Absolute Darling

Wu Chun suddenly dropped out of GTV’s Absolute Darling, Jiro Wang was invited to replace his role. GTV Deputy General Manager Mr. Lai said that Jiro accepted the offer with “gratitude at heart”,  subtly criticizing Wu Chun for dropping out irresponsibly.

Last September, Wu Chun & Ku Hye Sun attended the press conference of Absolute Darling. However, Wu Chun dropped out of the drama with the reason that he was no longer suitable for menga adaptation, and he thinks the script & the role of a robot don’t fit him. He wants to focus on movies in the second half of this year.

Absolute Darling has started filming days ago,  Mr. Lai praised Ky Hye Sun for being supportive. “it states in the contract that she has the right to drop out if there’s change of male lead”.  He also acclaimed Jiro that he “has a heart of gratitude”. In regards to the issue about breach of contract for Wu Chun’s drop-out,  Mr. Lai said, “that will be handled by management agency”, and when asked if they would work with Wu Chun in future, he said, “that will be handled by production company”

 Jiro helped out for the cast, he attended a media luncheon with Ku Hye Sun yesterday. He was asked if he’s worried that people would make comparison between him & Wu Chun. He avoid answering the question  by reinforcing  that “basicallyI think the script is very good”. When he was asked repeatedly, he pretended to have forgotten and said, “what was that? What did you ask?”. And he said at last, “there’s no need to compare as he has not started the drama yet”. Obviouly he doesn’t want to be compared, but to prevent any misunderstanding, he added, “We are good friends, thus we are not bothered by this issue”

 Ku Hye Sun was also involved in the secret marriage of Seo Tai Ji & Lee Ji Ah, she explained, “I have not even met STJ. It may be because our boss knows him, thus creating some misunderstanding. This kind of news is nonsensical.”

Source: Liberty Times

Transaltion: meow13

Photos from Liberty Times, UDN, Apple Daily, China Times


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14 responses to “[News] Jiro Wang stars in Absolute Darling”

  1. chong says :

    Yah! that’s great the drama is going on,for how many months we are waiting for so long,we your fans are so exited for this drama,Hoping that is going to have a smooth relationship with your co star and the crew,good luck luck and god bless to all of you most specially the producer’s who have the big responsibility for this project…..MABUHAY!

  2. sukreena says :

    Oh thank God, Hyesun-ssi is smiling brightly. I love the pics, both looks good, i’m hoping this time the AD will roll as plan. Good luck and all the best to Hyesun-ssi, Jiro and all the cast members and crews. I hope this drama will be a bit hit. AD fighting!!!

  3. jj says :

    We love this new project of our Hye Sun! More success and power for both… and of course love love love

  4. aileen says :

    WOW! Finally GHS is here in Taiwan. I am hoping that one day I could bump on her while she is here shooting Absolute Darling. That would be an awesome experience. Can wait to see her.

  5. rose says :

    oenni so cute..jiro is handsome..cant wait 4 this drama..jiro take care my oenie..jebal.. AD fighting!

  6. Nett says :

    … Nice to know…. and for sure that Jiro accepted the tv drama AD… Jiro you gave us hope, thank you… We will pray for the success of your TV drama AD…. Jiro looks very accommodating and gentle to hyesun… nice, hope you enjoy filming together… We’ll be waiting for this…. I’m excited for it!!!….. hyesun you’re so pretty…. Best of luck and God bless for the production and to the staff!!! 😀

  7. Maria says :

    She always look so pretty when she smiles. That’s Hye Sun’s asset. No wonder people that have seen her personally says she’s beautiful. It’s Wu Chuns loss not hers. Hye Sun’s new leading man, Jiro won’t regret it. He’s a gentleman. AD will be a big hit in Asia. I’m sure of that.

  8. geenah says :

    Good to see Hye Sun ssi again. I was kind of worried about the news that came out regarding her involvement with some marriage couple. I guess publicity is publicity whether good or bad but that was way over the top. I believe in you Hye Sun . God bless you. Many people still love you including me.

  9. hyesun's fan says :

    ku hye sun, fighting !!!! luv u !!!

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