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[Video] 140411 TVB Ent. News – Lee Min Ho interview @ OSIM uDiva CF shoot

Cre andywong1986

another similar one from Tudou

[CF] Lee Min Ho – OSIM uDiva TVC (60s & 30s)

Eng version





[Video] 140409 Ku Hye Sun @ Night of TV Entertainment

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Thanks Ayesuper for the brief translation:

SR: How do you think about Cha Seung Won, Choi Ji Woo because they joined YG recently?

HS: Well… just it is our agency’s matter…

HJ: You both should talk about that later since it is your agency matter…

HJ asked about her recent interest

HS said her best interest these days is micro house. She wants to live in small house.

JS & SY asked about the way to care her good skin

She said she doesn’t like t go out. And she put on make up that is 2 tones lower than her real skin tone

[Video] 140407 Good Morning – Angel Eyes Casts Interview


summarized translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

KJS was asked what it is like to play an all-giving boyfriend. He says it is good because he feels as if he is learning what to give to the woman. The mc says then he needs to give flower gift to GHS…and KJS turns to GHS and says that no,,,,GHS is the flower. I think it made GHS very shy and embarrassed. KJS asks her if that is not what she wants….etc. When she stopped covering her face, she is seen giving KSJ a punch on his leg.
LSY was modest and says that he is just average in everything,,,not the envy of everybody else. But SR confirms that LSY is good at everything and that he is really smart.LSY says if Big Bang says so, then it is so.
SR was asked how YG President feel about him acting. SR pretended he is YG and it appears that YG told him to do a good job or else he is not going to do any more acting….keke
GHS’s father always played tough and evil characters in his previous roles so people think he is scary but he says he is very funny and cute in real life. MC asks him to tell the audience that he is a likable person. But the way he says it makes him scary that all the other actors say he is scary.
Gong Hyunjin says that he did a scene of rescue and had to carry heavy equipments on his back for hours. He says that is what regular firefighters do….but it gave him such muscle pains—but to please the fans and to put on a good show, he will do it again and again.
The MC really did not ask GHS anything…so she sat back and her cowrkers shine….They seem like nice and fun bunch of cast members.


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