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[News] Gu Hye Sun releases new pictorials & talks about her new movie, ‘Daughter’

Gu Hye Sun, who recently directed movie ‘Daughter,’ was chosen as a cover model of magazine ‘Big Issue.’

Actress Gu Hye Sun recently directed a new film called ‘Daughter,’ and she was selected as a new cover model of magazine ‘Big Issue.’

In the image, Gu Hye Sun shows a chic look, wearing a white blouse and a black leather one-piece dress. She is posing as if she is deeply in thoughts, and many people are showing great reactions for her charismatic look.

‘Daughter’ was recently invited to ‘The 19th Busan International Film Festival,’ which will open on October 2nd, and it is currently being talked about as one of the most anticipated films of the year.

‘Daughter’ is a movie that portraits a complicated relationship of a mother and a daughter, and it expresses Gu Hye Sun’s perspective for the current society.

During an interview that was held along with the shooting, Gu Hye Sun said, “I played in the movie as a character that I have never played before. It was the first time for me to act in a movie of my own direction, but I always wanted to try it.”

Gu Hye Sun also worked with actress Shim Hye Jin for the first time through the movie, and she said, “Shim Hye Jin showed amazing acting, and I felt very nervous.” Shim Hye Jin said, “Gu Hye Sun was a very easy director to communicate with. She is a very clever director.”

Gu Hye Sun also said, “I did lots of fantasy-like works in the past, and I wanted to do something more realistic. That is how I was motivated to produce ‘Daughter.’ I was not happy with my acting, so it took a long time to finish the film.”

Meanwhile, movie ‘Daughter’ will be officially released this autumn.

/Reporting by Noh I-seul


[News] Lee Min Ho and His Fans Donate 50 Thousand Dollars to Dig Wells in Africa

On September 29, actor Lee Min Ho’s management agency, Starhaus Entertainment, revealed that Lee Min Ho’s donation platform, PROMIZ (PMZ), made a donation of 50 thousand dollars to Charity: Water. Charity: Water is a global non-profit organization that strives to bring clean water to people in developing nations.

This past June, Lee Min Ho started PMZ as a way to give back the love and support he receives from fans all around the world. PMZ comes from the combination of “promise,” “Lee Min Ho,” and his fan club, “MINOZ.” It holds the meaning, “The accumulated love between Lee Min Ho and his fans will be distributed.”After lots of preparation, he launched this campaign as a way to make a long-term connection with his fans and give back to the rest of the world.

A representative of PMZ reported, “For right now the primary donation amount has been collected. The money collected by fans with care will be donated to the affiliated organization and it will be used to help with the digging of wells in the Malawi region of Africa.”

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[News] Lee Min-ho, trying to be more masculine

SINGAPORE — Don’t be too surprised if you see Lee Min-ho looking just a little worse for wear in his upcoming movie, Gangnam Blues.

The Korean superstar, who was speaking today (Sept 27) to reporters at a press conference at The Westin Singapore, said he gave up on lotion so that he would look a little more rugged for his role.

“I moved on to Gangnam Blues from The Heirs, and I think I looked a little too well-maintained for the role,” said Lee, who was in Singapore to celebrate OSIM’s 35th anniversary as the ambassador for OSIM’s uDiva massage sofa. “And for the next six months, I didn’t put on any lotion, so that I would look a little more manly to play my character.”

He quipped: “I could really feel my skin deteriorating, so that was not a pleasant experience.”

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[News] Korean actor Lee Min Ho thrills fans at Woodlands’ Causeway Point

The malls on the weekends are always packed in Singapore, but there was no space to budge at Causeway Point when Korean heart-throb actor Lee Min Ho showed up for a public event on Saturday afternoon.

Thousands of screaming fans packed all four floors of the mall, squeezing themselves as close to the barricades as possible to get a glance of their idol, who was flown in to celebrate the 35th anniversary of lifestyle product brand Osim.

Five lucky fans got to go on stage to get up close and personal with him, including one who puckered up her lips for Lee so that he could apply lip balm to them. Another fan, Ms Andrina Loo, 35, got to play a game where she had to place a balloon in between herself and Lee, before hugging each other as tight as possible until the balloon burst.

Lee, 27, proved to be a sport and visibly enjoyed himself, laughing easily throughout the 40-minute event. The actor is best known for his roles as rich students in the his TV dramas Boys Over Flowers and The Inheritors.

He promised to be back in town again soon as he readies himself for a tour to promote his upcoming new music album. Going by the incessant shrill screams, these fans can hardly wait.

Source: Straits Times

[News] TVXQ′s Changmin and Ku Hye Sun to Appear in BeatBurger′s ′She So High′ MV

The electronic creative group, BeatBurger, will reveal the music video for its new song She So High on September 26.

The music video for She So High will be unveiled through SMTOWN′s Youtube account, as well as BeatBurger′s official facebook page.

Directed by Kwon Soon Wook, the song She So High is of the progressive house genre, and the music video will focus on the story of an unfulfilled love and the sadness that lingers from it.

The music video will especially feature TVXQ′s Changmin and actress Ku Hye Sun acting out as a couple. The two have been friends with BeatBurger member Shim Jae Won for many years, and decided to appear in the music video with no guarantee.

BeatBurger′s first mini album Electric Dream will be released on September 29.

Source: enewsworld

[News] Lee Min Ho to Release a Second Album for the Fans

With his fans in mind, Lee Min Ho will release his second album Song For You in October.

Lee Min Ho′s agency said on September 26, “The second album, Song For You, after My Everything in May of 2013, will be released in October.”

This upcoming anniversary album isn′t for Lee Min Ho to debut as a singer, but is to answer to the request of many fans around the world.

“This album Song For You will be one where Lee Min Ho′s feelings towards the fans will be felt. The album will be of the pop rock genre and will stimulate the women′s hearts this autumn with Lee Min Ho′s sweet voice,” said the staff.

The songs included in the album will be showcased live on stage during Lee Min Ho′s global tour Re:Minho, which begins in October.

Re:Minho, refering to a brand new start, will show new sides to the actor. It will begin on October 4 in Beijing, followed by shows on October 12 and 13 in Tokyo. More shows, including for Seoul, will be revealed in time through Lee Min Ho′s official homepage (

Lee Min Ho is currently awaiting the premiere of his new movie Gangnam Blues.

Photo Credit: Starhaus Entertaiment

Source: enewsworld

[News] KU HYE SUN Came Back as Film Director, Unveiling Photography Taken with Actress Shim Hye Jin!

- Shim says, “KU HYE SUN is such a smart and passionate film director”

Actress KU HYE SUN has come back as a film director, with her movie “Daughter” (produced by KU HYE SUN Film, Yes Production).

Film director KU HYE SUN has unveiled her photography with Shim Hye Jin, the main actress of her film, in “In-Style” PIFF Special Edition” which will be published with the October issue of “In-Style”.

Movie “Daughter” is KU’s third full-length film, in which she features the main role in a movie for the first time. The film is a psycho-drama that sends a social message, which depicts conflict between middle-school girl “San-I” and her mother who tries to restrict “San-I” through oppressive corporal punishment and control. 

The photography sharply portrays the subtle conflict and tension between KU and Shim, who appear as a daughter and mother in the film.

In another photo, KU is sitting beside a table filled with cameras and films, and Shim is catching the eyes, featured as an elegant but somewhat distorted mother. 

KU talked about the reason why she casted Shim as the role of the mother in her film, saying, “When you watch my film, you will find out that it is almost like Shim’s one-man show. She showed such a great energy in her acting. I think she is an actress who can act for any genre”. 

Shim explained the reason why she appeared in “Daughter”, saying, “I wanted to help a junior actress who produces a low-budget film. When a certain film resonates with me to some extent, I prioritize director’s passion and potential rather than my guarantee or treatment. I thought KU was a very smart and passionate director”. Shim went on to say, “I really sympathize with the scenario. The mother in the film just wants her daughter not to live a life like herself. It is quite an intense story, but I think it is realistic”. 

“Daughter” is drawing a big attention recently, as it is officially invited to “Korean Film’s Today – Panorama” section of the 19th PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival). The two’s photography and interview can be seen in “PIFF Special Edition” to be published with the October issue of “In-Style”. 

Source: ygfamily

[News] Ku HyeSun-Shim HyeJin, as Director-Actress or as mother and daughter–fantasy couple.

(TVReport=Reporter Hwang JiYoung) A photo shoot of Ku HyeSun who returns as a director and Shim HyeJin who is the main star is completed. In the movie, the two people acted as mother and daughter.

On Sept. 19th, YG announced that actress Ku HyeSun returns as a director with her movie, “Daughter”, produced by GHSFilm and Yes Production. YG pointed out the article enclosed in the October issue of InStyle magazine under the title of, “In Style’s BIFF Special Issue”.

The movie, “Daughter”, is Director Ku’s third movie and her first debut as a movie star. Shim HyeJin gave her shot of support here. It is a psychological movie with a social message shown through conflicts between Sanyi, a junior high school student, and her mother who tries to restrict her through coercive punishment and control. 

The shown photoshoot displays the subtle tension between Shim HyeJin and Ku HyeSun. In an another picture, we see Ku HyeSun sitting next to a bunch of films on a table along with the graceful and glamorous Shim HyeJin who will portray a somewhat misguide/twisted mother.

Ku HyeSun reveals her reason for casting Shim HyeJin as the mother: “If you see this movie, you would almost think it Shim HyeJin’s one-person show due to her acting which is full of her amazing energy. She is an actress who can handle all genres.”

Shim HyeJin talks about why she decided to act in the movie: “I wanted to give support to a hoobae (junior) who is making a low-budget film. When you feel enough connection to a movie, you get to see the director’s passion and potential regardless of the guarantees or the treatment. Director Ku is a friend who is so smart and overflowing with passion.” She also added: “I really empathize with the scenario. The mother in the movie simply does not want her daughter living the same life that she had. Her ways may be bit more intense in certain areas, but I am sure that we can relate.”

The movie, “Daughter”, has been formally invited to the 19th BIFF in the “Korean Movies Today Panorama” section.

Source: TV report

Translation: cheerkoo @ soompi

[News] Actor Lee Min Ho Gearing Up to Embark on Global 2014 Fan Meeting Tour in October

Hallyu star Lee Min Ho is preparing to meet with his fans after wrapping up filming for his latest movie “Gangnam Blues.” Fans in China are already showing enthusiasm over news of the actor’s upcoming fan meeting tour.

Lee Min Ho successfully completed his global tour in 2013, and this year, he is gearing up to meet fans worldwide once again. Expectations are high for this tour, as Lee Min Ho has built up a very strong fan base around the world with his popular dramas, including “Boys Over Flowers,” “Faith,” and The Heirs.”

The actor will kick off his global tour “Re:Lee Min Ho” which is short for “Reboot Lee Min Ho,” this coming October 4 in Beijing. As he has been unable to visit fans overseas during his busy movie filming schedules, he has decided to take the first step in China, where the actor has been receiving continuous love and support from fans.

The China leg of the tour is being planned to have stops in various major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. It is also being reported that Lee Min Ho is currently preparing a very special stage especially for his fans.

Source: soompi

[News] Lee Min Ho wants to play sunny man in future drama

South Korean actor Lee Min Ho attended a promotional event for massage chair brand OSIM in Shanghai, China, 10 September 2014. The stylish man was dressed up in a printed shirt and pair of dark pants.

After taking part in TV drama “The Heirs”, Lee hit the whole Asia with continuous advertising and show contracts. Speaking of his future acting plan, the hallyu idol revealed that he had just finished the filming of movie “Gangnam Blues”, in which he played the role of a man with a tragic fate. So Lee said in the next stage he wanted to choose a different type of character, “a character that is sunnier”, he added.

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