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[News] Ku Hye Sun appears like the warm spring sun on “Angel Eyes”

- Transforms into a passionate firefighter! She will do anything for acting

Actor KU HYE SUN appeared on TV like the warm sunrays of spring through the 3rd episode of SBS’s weekend special drama “Angel Eyes” (Script by Yoon Ji Ryun, Directed by Park Shin Woo).

In the episode aired on April 12 (Sat), the character Yoon Soo Wan grew up to be a passionate firefighter who would do anything to accomplish the job. The vivacious Soo Wan gets the nickname “Yoon Ttol” from her colleagues, which indicates her just and responsible character.

In the previous episodes 1 and 2, Soo Wan gets her sight back, which she had lost from an accident, through a transplant from Park Dong Joo’s (played by Lee Sang Yoon) mother who dies from a hit-and-run accident. But Dong Joo happens to leave for the U.S. because of his mother’s death and his sister’s surgery, and more than 10 years passes between Soo Wan who can now see and Dong Joo who is no longer beside her. Dong Joo eventually returns to Korea as a successful doctor, but Soo Wan, who has never seen his face, fails to recognize him.

KU HYE SUN plays the adult Yoon Soo Wan. Transformed perfectly into a firefighter, her beauty creates an illusion of her being in a commercial when she washes the ambulance under the blue sky.

But on the other hand, she devours pizza in front of mischievous boys who made a prank call to the fire department, while pouring a can of beer on a man and kicking him for making a sexual comment, “I like women in uniform.” Her strong character is indeed eye-catching.

In the episode, KU HYE SUN absolutely fused with the character Yoon Soo Wan, perfectly acting out the short-tempered character although the personality conflicted KU’s beautiful appearance.

At the end of the episode, Dong Joo, who became the chief of the E.R. at Soo Wan’s father Yoon Jae Bum’s (played by Jung Jin Young) hospital, saves Soo Wan from a patient who tries to stab her in the throat. But as Kang Ji Woon (played by Kim Ji Suk), a neurosurgeon, appears in the picture, a love triangle is expected to become part of the story.

 “Angel Eyes” is aired every Saturday and Sunday night at 9:55 pm.


[News] Ku Hye Sun Makes Her Skin Tone Darker When She Appears on Broadcast

Ku Hye Sun turned out to be paler than how she appears on broadcast.

During April 9’s broadcast of SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment, Ku Hye Sun revealed that her biggest interest these days is building houses.

Ku Hye Sun Makes Her Skin Tone Darker When She Appears on Broadcast

She said, “My biggest interest is in building houses. I want to try building a micro-house that only has what you need.”

When asked how she maintains her flawless skin, Ku Hye Sun answered, “I don’t like playing outside very much. When I appear on broadcast I make my skin darker by two tones.”

Photo credit: SBS

Source: enewsworld

[News] Lee Min Ho’s Face Appears on Buses, Subways and Airplanes around Asia

Rising as one of this generation′s hallyu stars, Lee Min Ho’s face appeared on the airplanes and buses. His face has also decorated the subway and bus stops in Taiwan.

Jeju Air recently revealed the pictures of its airplanes with Lee Min Ho’s picture on them. Out of 15 airplanes operated by Jeju Air, two have been wrapped with Lee Min Ho’s pictures.

The ‘Lee Min Ho’ airplanes will be traveling not only within Korea but also in four cities in Japan, two cities in China, two cities in Philippines, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Guam. Jeju Air hopes to raise its profile by utilizing Lee Min Ho’s image.

Lee Min Ho’s Face Appears on Buses, Subways and Airplanes around Asia

In Taiwan, Lee Min Ho’s face can be seen on various limousine buses. The buses have been organized by the actor’s fan club members to commemorate The Heirs broadcast in the country.

In China, Taobao advertisements featuring Lee Min Ho as the model can be seen in subway and bus stations around the country.

Photo credit: Starhaus

Source: enewsworld

[Audio] Lasse Lindh (라세 린드) – Run To You (Angel Eyes OST)

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Swedish Singer Lasse Lindh Sings for ‘Angel Eyes’ OST

Continuing his participation in Korean OSTs, Swedish singer, Lasse Lindh lent his voice for the OST of SBS’ Angel Eyes.

On April 7, Lasse Lindh released the song Run to You, which was composed by music director Nam Hye Seung with lyrics written by Lasse Lindh.

Swedish Singer Lasse Lindh Sings for ‘Angel Eyes’ OST

The song played in the first two episodes of Angel Eyes, perfectly fitting in with the first love story between Park Dong Joo (Kang Ha Neul) and Yoon Soo Wan (Nam Ji Hyun).

Lasse Lindh has also participated in the OST for MBC’s Soul Mate and for tvN’s I Need a Romance with the song I Could Give You Love.

Photo Credit: Lasse Lindh’s Facebook, SBS

Source: enewsworld

[News] Lee Min Ho Ranks No. 1 in China as ‘2014 Asian god’

Lee Min Ho ranked number one as ‘2014 Asian god’ in China (as god is a term used to mean a male who seems to have perfect qualities).

According to the ‘2014 Asian god’ poll taken by Chinese entertainment press media, ddyule, between March 7 and April 6, Lee Min Ho earned 10,013,151 votes, being selected as the ‘Asian Male god.’

Kim Soo Hyun, who recently gained fame in China as the new hallyu wave star, took third place by earning 9,963,038 votes while EXO’s Kris, Lu Han, Lay and Tao also ranked their names in the second, fourth, tenth and eleventh spots, respectively.

The ‘Asian god’ poll is one of the most popular annual events in China supported by over 20 Chinese media outlets. The eleven finalists of the poll included two Korean actors, four Korean idols and five male celebs from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Lee Min Ho Ranks No. 1 in China as ‘2014 Asian god’

The winner was selected based on the five categories of perfect face, superior body, warm heart, outstanding talent and innate god-like qualities since birth.

Being selected as the one to fulfill all five categories, Lee Min Ho was also ranked number one for the ‘Korean Drama god’ poll by earning 510,765 votes, one third of the total.

Photo credit: Starhaus

Source: enewsworld

[Interview] @Star1 – Lee Min Ho wants to show you sides of him you’ve never seen


Have you been missing Lee Min Ho? Right now he is concentrating on his character in the Korean movie Gangnam Blues. Before the release of the movie, how can we see more of him? Thankfully, he keeps on showing up in interviews, photo shoots and fan meetings. Here is the translation of his full interview with the Korean magazine Star1 in its April edition. Let’s appreciate his gorgeous pictures together.

This age is for Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho, who took China all the way from Korea, became a celebrity that represents not only Korea but also Asia. Starting with Boys Over Flowers, through Personal Taste, City Hunter and Faith to Heirs. He is one of the best actors in their 20’s who has played various characters from a historical drama to romantic comedy dramas. Particularly Heirs, his recent drama, captured Korea, China and other Asian countries. Which charm of his made it happen? What is his secret to catch women’s hearts all at once? Let’s meet Lee Min Ho who arouses our curiosity.

Read More…

[News] Lee Min Ho Meets President Park Geun Hye Secretly as Representative Hallyu Star

Hallyu star Lee Min Ho met with president Park Geun Hye.

Often named as the star to have ignited the new hallyu wave, Lee Min Ho attended the 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment conference on April 4 to speak on the topic of ‘Success Strategy for Hallyu Wave.’

The conference was attended by the chairman and the members of Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment, who discussed the future plans for developing content markets and Lee Min Ho, who was the only entertainer to attend the conference, shared his own experience and made suggestions on the development of hallyu culture.

Read More…

[News] New Drama ‘Angel Eyes’ Starring Lee Sang-yoon and Ku Hye-sun

On April 3rd, the press release for SBS’s new drama ‘Angel Eyes’ was held at SBS in Mok-dong with the participation of the cast including Ku Hye-sun, Lee Sang-yoon, Kim Ji-seok, Jeong Jin-yeong, Kong Hyung-jin and Seungri and the director Park Shin-woo.

‘Angel Eyes’ is a romantic drama that tells a love story of Park Dong-ju(Lee San-yoon) and Yoon Soo-wan(Ku Hye-sun) who meet again after 12 years since they were first love for each other as young Park Dong-ju(Kang Ha-neul) and Yoon Soo-wan(Nam Jy-hyeon). The drama draws a lot of attention as it is written by the writer Yoon Ji-ryeon who wrote ‘Boys Over Flower’. Read More…

[News] Kim Sung Ryong Names Lee Min Ho as the Most Handsome Actor

Kim Sung Ryong, who acted as ‘Kim Tan’s mother’ in The Heirs, named Lee Min Ho as the most handsome actor.

April 3’s broadcast of tvN’s Taxi will feature Kim Sung Ryong and her close friend Bang Eun Hee sharing their stories.

Having acted alongside some of the handsomest actors, including Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin and more, Kim Sung Ryong shared her thoughts on working with the ‘flower boys.’

When MC Kim Gura asked, “How was filming a movie with Hyun Bin?” the actress said with laughter, “He’s really cool! He took off his shirt in the movie and his body was amazing.”

Then MC Hong Eun Hee asked, “I heard Lee Min Ho is really handsome if you see him in person, is that true?” and Kim Sung Ryong responded, “I think Min Ho is the best looking overall out of all the actors I’ve worked with. He looks like someone from another world, with his long legs and all.”

Kim Sung Ryong was recently voted number one in a poll asking ‘Who is the actress in her 40’s more beautiful than those in 20’s’ beating out Ko So Young, Lee Young Ae, Kim Nam Joo, Kim Hee Ae and more.

Photo credit: tvN

Source: enewsworld

[News] Lee Min Ho makes 15,000 fans swoon during his tour finale in Japan

Lee Min Ho made 15,000 fans swoon during his fan meeting in Japan!

Lee Min Ho held his three-part fan meeting series at Pacifico Yokohama Hall on March 28-29 with a total of 15,000 fans. The actor looked back on the unforgettable scenes and lines from the hit drama ‘Heirs‘, shared his 2014 bucket list, passed out gifts to the audience, and sang a confessional love song dedicated to fans in addition to making 15 wardrobe changes throughout the night.

He shared, “I want to return the love I’ve received until now and continue to meet [fans] through other activities besides productions so I prepared this stage… My precious memories with my fans always give me energy in my life.”

With his Japanese fan meetings over, Lee Min Ho has successfully wrapped up his ‘My Everything‘ tour, which kicked off in Seoul last May.

Source: Allkpop


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