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[News] Ku Hye Sun Is Single and Currently Has No Interest in Boys

Ku Hye Sun revealed that she is currently single.

During October 30’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cine Town, Ku Hye Sun started, “I currently don’t have a boyfriend.”

DJ Gong Hyung Jin asked, “Why not? Are you not dating on purpose? Or are you not going to places where you can meet someone?”

Ku Hy Sun said, “It’s not that I don’t go to those places on purpose but a part of the reason is because I don’t have the opportunity. I also lost interest.”

About why she lost interest, Ku Hye Sun explained, “I’m more interested in things other than boys. I concentrate on things that I should organize and complete. I’ve been focusing on myself. I would like to date if I get an opportunity but I’m not sure.”

Meanwhile, Daughter is a film which Ku Hye Sun directed, wrote and starred in.

As Ku Hye Sun’s third directed film, it deals with a middle school girl’s struggle with her mom who raises her strictly with severe punishments.

It was previously invited to The 19th Busan International Film Festival’s ‘Today’s Korean Film – Panorama’ section and is set to premiere on November 6.

Photo credit: SBS

Source: enewsworld

[News] Lee Min Ho’s Chinese Fans Make Human Barricade and Sing for Him at Airport

Lee Min Ho successfully ended his concert in Guangzhou, China following Japan and Beijing.

Lee Min Ho launched his global tour Re:Minho on October 26 in Guangzhou International Sports Arena and presented live performances of songs from the album Song For You. He brought out a heated response from 7,000 fans by presenting all 12 songs.

The Guangzhou concert had gathered keen interest from the fans since before it was held as the fans made numerous requests for tickets.

The fans and the media poured their attention towards Lee Min Ho, proving his top star status and influence.

With his every move in Guangzhou aired live though the media and SNS, Lee Min Ho kept his promise with the fans by updating his SNS throughout the trip.

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[News] ‘Gangnam 1970’ Starring Lee Min Ho Postpones Release Date

Gangnam 1970 has confirmed the delay in its premiere.

The film Gangnam 1970, which was slated for November premiere has been confirmed to premiere in January of 2015.

Accordingly, the film’s press briefing session, which was scheduled for October 28, has also been postponed.

Starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, Gangnam 1970 is the final piece of director Yoo Ha’s ‘street’ movie trilogy about two men’s desire, loyalty and betrayal surrounding Gangnam area when in 1970’s when Seoul began going through rapid development.

An affiliate of Gangnam 1970 revealed that the release date has been postponed in order to present the film to more people in January, which is the peak season for films.

Photo credit: Showbox Media Plex

Source: enewsworld

[News] Lee Min Ho Gathers 10,000 Fans in Tokyo Despite Typhoon

Lee Min Ho triumphed over the typhoon.

Lee Min Ho successfully ended his global tour 2014 Re:Minho on October 12 and 13 in Tokyo International Forum Hall with 10,000 fans.

Re:Minho held over two days on October 12 and 13 was held with all the seats filled up despite the effects of a typhoon. The concert was carried out with the fans standing up to sing and dance as they shouted out Lee Min Ho’s name in the festival-like atmosphere.

Starting the concert by singing the OST of The Heirs titled Painful Love, Lee Min Ho greeted his Japanese fans by saying, “It’s been a long time. I missed you.”

He then sang My Everything and Pieces of Love from his first album and revealed the video showing his preparation for his Asia tour last year as well as his new album Song For You. Read More…

[News] Lee Min Ho Tops Oricon Daily Chart with Latest Album

Actor Lee Min Ho has topped the Oricon Daily Chart in Japan with his second album, “Song for You.”

Released on October 9, Lee Min Ho’s latest album topped the Oricon Daily Chart, proving the actor’s popularity. Previously in May, Lee Min Ho’s album for his fans “My Everything” also came at first place on the Oricon Daily Chart.

“Song for You” is similar to “My Everything” in the sense that it is a special album he released for his fans, without any extensive promotions or TV appearances.

“Song for You” consists of five tracks, including title track “Song for you,” along with other tracks “Paradise in Love,” “Stalker,” “Travel,” and “Burning Up.”

Lee Min Ho will be holding his concert in Japan on October 12 and October 13.

Source: soompi

[News] Lee Min Ho, successfully completes Beijing concert… Flare of global tour

[OSEN=Kim Yoon Ji] Actor Lee Min Ho has fired the flare of his global tour 2014 ‘RE:MINHO’.

Lee Min Ho started his first stage of ‘RE:MINHO’ in the middle of hot cheers and shouts from local fans at Mastercard Center, Beijing on 4th.

Lee Min Ho, who opened the concert with his hit drama ‘The Inheritors’ OST ‘Painful Love’, continued singing his first album track ‘My Everything’ which is a ballad that moistures the autumn emotion and also ‘Pieces Of Love’.

He digested the whole songs of his new album ‘Song for you’ with live band and sang 12 songs in total including accompanied performance with Royal Pirates that appeared as a guest. His more intensified sound and performance captured Chinese fans.

Special events were also included. 4 fans that were picked from the SNS event ‘Please draw Lee Min Ho’ gave presents of his pictures which they drew by themselves in frames and instant signing event on stage also went along. Lee Min Ho gave special items of his donation platform PROMIZ as presents.

Lee Min Ho is having tour ahead in Asian areas such as Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Korea, and Japan starting from Beijing. He has the release of his end-of-the-year movie ‘Gangnam Blues’ ahead.

Source: OSEN

Credit: kstarwiki

[News] “Gangnam Blues” Starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won Sets Premiere Date

It has been finally confirmed that upcoming action film “Gangnam Blues(N.B. it’s now called Gangnam 1970) will premiere in November.

Set in the developing district of Gangnam, Seoul, in the 1970s, the movie follows two young men that get involved in criminal gangs, real estate, and political circles in order to protect their rights.

Lee Min Ho will be playing Kim Jong Dae, whereas Kim Rae Won will take on the character of Baek Yong Ki. Both of them have nothing to lose or fear, and their main asset is their strong physique and stellar fighting skills.

The anticipation is already rising for “Gangnam Blues,” and viewers are expecting to see a completely new side of the two talented actors.

Are you excited for this movie?

Source: soompi

[News] Lee Min Ho to collaborate with rock band Royal Pirates for his ‘RE:MINHO’ tour

Royal Pirates’ entertainment label Apple of the Eye Co. has announced that the rock band will be collaborating with Hallyu star Lee Min Ho for his upcoming ‘RE:MINHO (Reboot Lee Min Ho)’ tour!

Actor and musician Lee Min Ho will be launching his concert tour this weekend on October 4 in Beijing, China. He will be joined on stage by Royal Pirates, who will perform some of their own songs before having a joint, collaborative stage with Lee Min Ho. As the public is used to seeing Lee Min Ho as a charming, flower-boy actor, fans are anticipating the kind of performance he will deliver as a rock star.

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[News] Gu Hye Sun releases new pictorials & talks about her new movie, ‘Daughter’

Gu Hye Sun, who recently directed movie ‘Daughter,’ was chosen as a cover model of magazine ‘Big Issue.’

Actress Gu Hye Sun recently directed a new film called ‘Daughter,’ and she was selected as a new cover model of magazine ‘Big Issue.’

In the image, Gu Hye Sun shows a chic look, wearing a white blouse and a black leather one-piece dress. She is posing as if she is deeply in thoughts, and many people are showing great reactions for her charismatic look.

‘Daughter’ was recently invited to ‘The 19th Busan International Film Festival,’ which will open on October 2nd, and it is currently being talked about as one of the most anticipated films of the year.

‘Daughter’ is a movie that portraits a complicated relationship of a mother and a daughter, and it expresses Gu Hye Sun’s perspective for the current society.

During an interview that was held along with the shooting, Gu Hye Sun said, “I played in the movie as a character that I have never played before. It was the first time for me to act in a movie of my own direction, but I always wanted to try it.”

Gu Hye Sun also worked with actress Shim Hye Jin for the first time through the movie, and she said, “Shim Hye Jin showed amazing acting, and I felt very nervous.” Shim Hye Jin said, “Gu Hye Sun was a very easy director to communicate with. She is a very clever director.”

Gu Hye Sun also said, “I did lots of fantasy-like works in the past, and I wanted to do something more realistic. That is how I was motivated to produce ‘Daughter.’ I was not happy with my acting, so it took a long time to finish the film.”

Meanwhile, movie ‘Daughter’ will be officially released this autumn.

/Reporting by Noh I-seul


[News] Lee Min Ho and His Fans Donate 50 Thousand Dollars to Dig Wells in Africa

On September 29, actor Lee Min Ho’s management agency, Starhaus Entertainment, revealed that Lee Min Ho’s donation platform, PROMIZ (PMZ), made a donation of 50 thousand dollars to Charity: Water. Charity: Water is a global non-profit organization that strives to bring clean water to people in developing nations.

This past June, Lee Min Ho started PMZ as a way to give back the love and support he receives from fans all around the world. PMZ comes from the combination of “promise,” “Lee Min Ho,” and his fan club, “MINOZ.” It holds the meaning, “The accumulated love between Lee Min Ho and his fans will be distributed.”After lots of preparation, he launched this campaign as a way to make a long-term connection with his fans and give back to the rest of the world.

A representative of PMZ reported, “For right now the primary donation amount has been collected. The money collected by fans with care will be donated to the affiliated organization and it will be used to help with the digging of wells in the Malawi region of Africa.”

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