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[News] Actor Lee Min Ho Gearing Up to Embark on Global 2014 Fan Meeting Tour in October

Hallyu star Lee Min Ho is preparing to meet with his fans after wrapping up filming for his latest movie “Gangnam Blues.” Fans in China are already showing enthusiasm over news of the actor’s upcoming fan meeting tour.

Lee Min Ho successfully completed his global tour in 2013, and this year, he is gearing up to meet fans worldwide once again. Expectations are high for this tour, as Lee Min Ho has built up a very strong fan base around the world with his popular dramas, including “Boys Over Flowers,” “Faith,” and The Heirs.”

The actor will kick off his global tour “Re:Lee Min Ho” which is short for “Reboot Lee Min Ho,” this coming October 4 in Beijing. As he has been unable to visit fans overseas during his busy movie filming schedules, he has decided to take the first step in China, where the actor has been receiving continuous love and support from fans.

The China leg of the tour is being planned to have stops in various major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. It is also being reported that Lee Min Ho is currently preparing a very special stage especially for his fans.

Source: soompi

[News] Lee Min Ho wants to play sunny man in future drama

South Korean actor Lee Min Ho attended a promotional event for massage chair brand OSIM in Shanghai, China, 10 September 2014. The stylish man was dressed up in a printed shirt and pair of dark pants.

After taking part in TV drama “The Heirs”, Lee hit the whole Asia with continuous advertising and show contracts. Speaking of his future acting plan, the hallyu idol revealed that he had just finished the filming of movie “Gangnam Blues”, in which he played the role of a man with a tragic fate. So Lee said in the next stage he wanted to choose a different type of character, “a character that is sunnier”, he added.

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[News] KU HYE SUN-directed “Daughter” receives invitation to BIFF

- KU, “I am deeply honored. It will be released after the Festival, hope you show interest in the film.”
Director KU HYE SUN’s third film “Daughter” (Produced by Ku Hye Sun Film, Yes Production) received an official invitation to the 19th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).
BIFF, South Korea’s largest film festival to be held from October 2 to 11 at Busan’s Haeundae, is categorized into 11 categories including Gala Presentation, Window of Asian Films, New Currents, Korean Cinema Today-Panorama, World Cinema, Wide Angle, Open Cinema and Special Program. KU’s film was invited to the Korean Cinema Today-Panorama.
“Daughter” is KU’s 3rd work following “Magic” (2010) and “The Peach Tree” (2012), which draws on a story of a high school student San, the main character played by KU herself, and her mother (played by Shim Haejin) who wants to trap her in severe punishment and control. The movie touches on psychological aspects while carries a societal message. 
It is KU’s first trial to act in a film, building excitement for the fans. As she is known for showing her own world visually through the use of unique storyline and mesmerizing colors, fans are enthusiastically waiting to see “Daughter.”
KU commented, “The mother in the film considers her daughter her alter ego, and denies the daughter’s identity and abuses her under the delusive name of love. It is my intention to criticize the crooked maternal love while portraying the ill-fated mothers in a sympathetic point of view.”
She added, “I am honored to be invited to Asia’s largest film festival. The film is to be released after the festival ends, and I hope you show interest in my film.”
Other films like “A Girl At My Door” (directed by Jung Juri), “A Hard Day” (directed by Kim Sunghoon), “Alive” (directed by Park Jungbeom), “”Gyeongju” (directed by Jang Ryul), “Sea Fog” (directed by Shim Sungbo), “Roaring Currents” (directed by Kim Hanmin) and “Kundo: Age of the Rampant” (directed by Yoon Jongbin) also received official invitations to BIFF.
Source: ygfamily

[Photo] Lee Min Ho and Han Ji Wan couple up for ‘Eider’

Lee Min Ho and Han Ji Wan coupled up in a photoshoot for outdoor brand ‘Eider‘!

The brand’s 2014 F/W pictorial shows Lee Min Ho donning the ‘CAMPYLO Windstopper Down Jacket’ in a variety of colors and making fans jealous with his easygoing skinship with actress Han Ji Wan.

Also stay tuned for Lee Min Ho’s upcoming movie ‘Gangnam Blues‘ which is set to premiere later this year!

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[News] Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won Exude Charisma in the Latest Teaser Photos from “Gangnam Blues”

Actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won exude intense charisma in the latest teaser images released from their upcoming noir film “Gangnam Blues.”

Directed by director and poet Yu Ha, who is known for his dramatic and dark movies like “Dirty Carnival,” “Gangnam Blues” will be an action noir film about the turmoils regarding the Gangnam district’s real estate craze of the 1970′s.“Gangnam Blues” also stars Jung Jin Young and Kim Ji Soo.

In the teaser images, glimpses of the two leading actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won’s characters can be seen.

“Gangnam Blues” recently completed shooting, on August 31, and has gone into post-production. It is scheduled for a late-2014 release.

Source: soompi

[News] Lee Min Ho Makes The Moment

[by Sunghee Park] Recently, Lee Min Ho’s first commercial campaign with global watch brand ROMANSON has been unveiled, capturing people’s attention. 
With a slogan of ‘He Makes the Moment,’ the commercial campaign was shot under the concept of ‘Mr. President.’ Masculine image of Lee Min Ho was emphasized to present a time of the perfect man who has everything. 

[News] Lee Min Ho’s “Gangnam Blues” Completes Filming

Lee Min Ho‘s upcoming film “Gangnam Blues” has officially completed its shooting.

A teaser poster was posted to Lee Min Ho’s official social network sites earlier announcing the completion of the filming. The Weibo poster has already gotten over 20,000 shares, 30,000 comments, and 100,000 likes from Lee Min Ho’s Chinese fans, once again proving the actor’s immense popularity in China.

Directed by director Yu Ha, known for his dramatic and dark movies like “Dirty Carnival” and “Frozen Flower“, “Gangnam Blues” also stars Kim Rae Won, Jung Jin Young, and Kim Ji Soo. It will be an action noir film about the turmoils regarding the Gangnam district’s real estate craze of the 70′s.

“Gangnam Blues” is expected to open in theaters later this year.

Source: soompi

[News] Lee Min Ho becomes new model for GUESS JEANS

Lee Min Ho has been chosen as the new model for global fashion brand GUESS.

Following Jung Woo Sung in 2009, Lee Min Ho will become ‘GUESS GUY’ for 2014 F/W season.

The director of the marking team said,”Since Lee Min Ho is a star who has a big fanbase all over the world so we think he’s suitable to be the model for our global brand”, “Through this new promotion, everyone will be able to see more of Lee Min Ho’s unique charm”.


[News] Ku Hye Sun attends “MY TIME FOR HK”

- KU, shoulder-to-shoulder with Park Sunki, Yoon Jongsuk, Lee Hwankwon and Charles Jang

Actor KU HYE SUN is attending “MY TIME FOR HK” as an artist, an art exhibition to promote Hong Kong as the center of cultural exchange between the West and East.

The exhibition that is to be held from August 20 (Wed) to 28 (Thurs) at Seoul Jongro Insadong’s Ara Art Center is designed to promote Hong Kong as an art and cultural city in Korea, inviting Korean top artists to participate in the exhibit. 

Invited by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office and Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Korean artists visited Hong Kong for 5 nights and 6 days in late March. After travelling the country, they expressed Hong Kong in their own unique and creative ways. Yoon Jongsuk did so by materializing objects by folding clothes, Lee Hwankwon by expressing distorted shapes in sculpture, Park Sunki through installation and atmospheric perspective with dimensions, and Charles Jang through pop art. But the one that stood out was actor and director, KU HYE SUN.

KU expressed her impression of dynamic Hong Kong through object and drawing—her presence in the city as an actor.

Last October, KU was invited to Hong Kong to have her own exhibition “Gallery by the Harbor” at the city’s largest shopping mall Harbor City. She was enthusiastically spotlighted by local media and fans. KU commented, “I expressed Hong Kong’s dynamism yet the loneliness that comes from it. It resembled the emotions of human being. I am grateful that they liked my work and offered me to be part of this. I am honored to work with other artists.”

Recently, KU was highly praised for her excellent acting in “Angel Eyes,” and is currently working on the film “DAUGHTER,” for which she stars, directs and writes the scenario.

The exhibition opening will be held on the 1st floor of Ara Art Center at 5 pm on August 20, with the participation of Hong Kong and South Korea’s culture-related officials.

※ Inquiries : Gana Art Park 031-877-0500

Source: ygfamily

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[Video & News] Lee Min Ho reveals he doesn’t have time to date these days

Cre Youku Ent.

Good news, fans! It seems Lee Min Ho is currently single as he revealed that he doesn’t have time to date these days.

Lee Min Ho attended the ‘LG G3‘ promotional event in Beijing, China on August 8 where he was asked about his love life. Lee Min Ho shared, “I’m so busy that I don’t have time to date… I don’t even think about dating. I have a lot of people around me, but if I get lonely, I think I will want to date. These days, whenever I have free time, I want to rest a lot… I have so much work these days that even if I had a girlfriend, she would probably run away.”

He also shared his goal to star in a foreign production, “I think it would be really fun to film a drama in a foreign country. If the opportunity presents itself, I want to film a Chinese production.”

Lee Min Ho, who is currently filming his upcoming movie ‘Gangnam Blues‘, is set to kick off his global tour ‘Re:Minho‘ in September.

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