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[News] Director Ku Hye Sun’s movie “Daughter” will be making a special screening at the congress.

[Reporter Kim Yeha] Special screening at the congress.

YG Entertainment announced on Nov 20th that Ku Hye Sun’s new movie, <Daughter> will hold a special screening meeting on Nov. 24th specifically for all the members of the congress (all parties).

The reason for this special meeting is to understand and to solve the problem of child abuse and other social problems.  This meeting was co-organized by the senator and activist Nam Yoon In Soon who states that: Child abuse problem is real in our society as portrayed in the movie, <Daughter>. We aim to look for and implement alternatives and solutions form the congressional level.”

The other organizer of this meeting is production company’s representative Choi SuhYoung who states that: “This is a movie that makes you think a lot about the relationships of children and parents. I gladly supported this special screening so that many people will watch this movie with deep concern.”

<Daughter> is a movie that portrays the psychology of parental abuse and gives a societal message–released on 6th.

<Daughter> having initially opened at 19th BIFF and created a stir.

Source: bntnews

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

[News] Goo Hye Sun says she doesn’t plan to ever leave YG Entertainment

Goo Hye Sun revealed that she doesn’t plan to ever leave YG Entertainment.

The multi-talented actress was asked for her honest thoughts on her agency and CEO Yang Hyun Suk during a recent interview with Newsen at the YGE HQ. She shared, “CEO Yang Hyun Suk and I don’t place much importance on whether we’re together or not. Either way, I don’t have any plans to leave YG. I just think of it as a matter of fact that I should be here now [laughs]. If it’s something related to YG, I feel like it concerns me because we’ve been together for a long time. Now we just think that we shouldn’t cause any disadvantage to each other.”

Goo Hye Sun continued that she’s grown attached to the label. She said,“Just like how I can’t leave a place I’ve been in or a pet dog that I’ve raised for a long time, YG also applies. I find it hard to leave things that I’m used to… People say that I’m taking on various things, but that mindset to challenge myself is limited to my own sphere. People might think that I go on vacations often as well, but I’m not like that at all. I’m a homebody.”

Source: allkpop

Photo Source: Newsen

[News] Ku Hye-sun plans to focus on acting

Ku Hye-sun revealed her wish to focus on her acting career during an interview with a local news outlet on Thursday.

“I originally wanted to continue acting rather than directing after my latest drama ‘Angel Eyes.’ But things always seem to turn out in an unexpected way,” she said.

“People think that I do everything I wish for, but that depends. Sometimes, when I want to start acting, directing comes to my hands. When I want to direct a movie, acting becomes my responsibility. So I tend to do things that I have been given,” Ku added.

Ku also shared her thoughts about her image as an actress.

“I do not want viewers to have one image of me, so I prefer my current plan and not to be seen only as an actress,” she said.

Ku recently finished directing her third feature-length film “Daughter,” which shows the complicated relationship between a daughter and a mother and her twisted motherhood. The movie was released on Nov. 6.

By Kim Min-jin (

Source: kpopherald

[News] Lee Min-ho’s ‘Faith’ tops among K-dramas in Japan

Actor Lee Min-ho’s drama “Faith: The Great Doctor” was selected as the best among Korean dramas in Japan.

The SBS drama broadcast two years ago received the first prize in the Korean drama section of “GAYO Entertainment Awards 2014” on Monday. Read More…

[News] Lee Min Ho Receives Prime Minister Award for Spreading Hallyu

Lee Min Ho will be receiving the Prime Minister Award.

Lee Min Ho will be receiving the Prime Minister Award from 2014 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards for contributing to spreading hallyu in East Asia.

On November 11, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced the winners of 2014 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards, who contributed to improving popular culture and arts and spreading hallyu. Popular Culture & Arts Awards is a governmental rewards program that seeks to increase the societal status of popular culture artists and to encourage their hard work and achievements.

The winners of the Cultural Medal Award, the President Award, the Prime Minister Award and the Ministry of Culture Award have been selected based on the number of years dedicated, achievements in and out of Korea, contribution to the industry and society. The 2014 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards ceremony will take place on November 17.

Read More…

[News] Showbox deals Gangnam style

EXCLUSIVE: Distributor seals raft of pre-sales to most of Asia, including Japan and China.

Korean distributor Showbox/Mediaplex has done a raft of pre-sales on Yoo Ha’s Gangnam Blues to most of Asia including Japan (The Klockworx) and China (Shanghai New Empire Entertainment and Shenzhen Da Fang Media).

Considered the last in the directors “Street Trilogy” with Once Upon a Time In High School: The Spirit Of Jeet Keun Do and A Dirty Carnival, Gangnam Blues is currently in post-production.

The film also sold to Hong Kong (Edko Films), Taiwan (Kbro Media), Indonesia (PT Prima), Vietnam (BHD), Thailand (Joy N Contents), the Philippines (Viva Communications), Myanmar (Colourful Garden Company) and Singapore and Malaysia (Golden Village Pictures).

Set in the 1970s when the Gangnam area was being rapidly developed, the film portrays two childhood friends swept into the world of political corruption and scheming simply because of their humble desires to have their own land and money.

Gangnam Blues is set for a local release this coming January. Showbox reports most of its Asian buyers seem to be aiming for releases around the same time.

They also say Asian buyers were especially keen about the film’s star Lee Min-ho – popular from TV series The Heirs and City Hunter – in his big screen debut. The other main character is played by Kim Rae-won who is known for films such as Insadong Scandal and Sunflower.

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[News] Lee Min Ho to Wrap Up Global Tour ‘Re:Minho’ in Seoul

The schedule for Lee Min Ho’s finale concert for global tour Re:Minho has been revealed.

Starhaus Entertainment, Lee Min Ho’s agency, announced on November 5, “The global Re:Minho will be wrapping up in Korea on January 3.”

Lee Min Ho’s 2014 global tour titled Re:Minho was successfully held in Beijing, Tokyo, Guangzhou and Nanjing and the upcoming Seoul concert will be planned and produced by Euphoria Seoul.

Re:Minho, which signifies a ‘new start,’ has been gaining positive feedback for featuring Lee Min Ho’s new challenge for the fans. His passionate stage manners and performances have been earning support from the fans, bringing spotlight to each concert.

An affiliate of Euphoria Seoul, which will be hosting the concert, stated, “A new genre of concert will be presented, unlike any others.”

The upcoming concert will feature live performances of 12 songs, including the entire tracks from the album Song For You.

The global tour Re:Minho’s Seoul concert will be held on January 3 in KINTEX, Ilsan and will begin ticket sales on November 11 through Interpark.

Lee Min Ho has been carrying out activities throughout Asia after filming Gangnam 1970, set to premiere in January.

Photo credit: Euphoria Seoul, Starhaus Entertainment

Source: enewsworld

[News] Lee Min Ho Talks Hallyu Status, Dating, and More with High Cut

Actor Lee Min Ho recently lent his handsome looks to the cover of High Cut magazine, subtitled with the reminiscent phrase, “Lee Min Ho Over Flowers and Boys.”

In the accompanying interview, Lee Min Ho talked about the status afforded him as one of the “four new Hallyu kings,” including fellow actors Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Woo Bin, and Lee Jong Suk. He said, “I think being fixed in a single image is not a good thing for anyone. I sometimes feel like it’s a bit too much, us being only labeled as Hallyu actors. On the other hand, the fact that we, as young actors, are linked by this, making our own image, is something to be energized by as well.”

When asked if this isn’t about the age (28) when people are usually dating a lot, Lee Min Ho said, “I don’t have the time to focus on or fall in love. I want to fall in love, but if I had a girlfriend now, I would feel like we were just casually dating rather than really in love.”

The actor also has a movie coming up soon, entitled “Gangnam 1970,” on which he said he wanted to take on a more serious role, and that viewers will be able to see a side of him never seen before on screen. “Gangnam 1970” is an action noir film about the turmoils regarding the Gangnam district’s real estate craze of the 1970′s, where Lee Min Ho takes on the role of a gangster. 

The full interview and photo shoot can be seen in the November issue of High Cut.

Source: soompi

[News] Lee Min Ho Takes Away Heart of Nanjing with Global Tour ′Re:Minho′

Lee Min Ho’s global tour Re:Minho has been continuing to heat up Asia.

An affiliate of Starhaus Entertainment stated on November 3, “Lee Min Ho held a concert in Olympics Sports Center Gymnasium in Nanjing, China last weekend, following Beijing, Japan and Guangzhou starting in October. Lee Min Ho heated up China with his sincere sentiments and fatally charming stage manners.”

Nanjing Olympics Sports Center Gymnasium was filled with the fans singing a song to cheer for Lee Min Ho and the 7,000 fans who gathered in the concert hall all shouted out ‘you’re (Lee Min Ho) the best’ in Chinese. The fans who gathered from various groups. From a Chinese fan who took a 20-hour train ride to those from America, Chile, Japan and more, the fans were made up of diverse groups.

Appearing on stage, Lee Min Ho started, “The moments that I spend with the fans become happy memories for me.”

He also presented a dramatic performance with a 3-membered rock band Royal Pirates

When he sang the concert’s highlight song Song For You, the concert reached its climax. The unreleased video clips of Lee Min Ho played on the big sized screen and created a fantastic atmosphere.

An affiliate of the concert stated, “Now only does he have peerless sentiments and sculpturesque looks, his humanly charms and manners attract fans of all nationalities, age and gender.”

The affiliate also shared, “The performance was of world class standards and Lee Min Ho perfectly prepared the stage despite his busy schedules, showing his professional side.”

Lee Min Ho’s album Song For You has been gaining success in China and Korea. The album tracks have been listed high on the music charts and the album has ranked number one on Taiwan iTunes as well as on Japan’s Oricon.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho finished filming Gangnam 1970 and has been carrying out activities across Asia.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source: enewsworld

[News] Goo Hye Sun reveals her thoughts on family at the press conference for her movie ‘Daughter’

The press conference for the movie ‘Daughter‘, written, directed, and starring Goo Hye Sun took place at the CGV on October 31. The movie centers on a complicated relationship between a mother (Shim Hye Jin) who clings to her daughter (Goo Hye Sun), who wants to come out from her mother’s shadow. As family is one of the biggest themes in the movie, Goo Hye Sun addressed this at the event.

She said, “During the making of ‘Daughter’ and even after its completion, I thought about what a difficult relationship family is. You love them, yet it’s pitiable. I put in my hopes that those feelings could improve. I created the movie ‘Daughter’ in the hopes that we could ponder over it together. I hope that a lot of people watch it and talk about it together. Just like how the mother curses in the movie, I think a lot of people can curse while watching it,” making everyone laugh with the last joke.  

Fellow actress Shim Hye Jin, who plays the part of the mother, complimented Goo Hye Sun, saying, “All the feelings and ups and downs in Director Goo’s scenario came out well, so that it was not difficult to act at all. Director Goo is also an actress, so she opens up a lot of parts for acting and was considerate. I am the sunbae when it comes to acting, but I respected all of the director’s opinions. That’s because she wrote the scenario herself, so she knows it best.”

The movie will be out on November 6!

Source: allkpop


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