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[News] Lee Min Ho to Launch 2014 Global Tour in September

Lee Min Ho will be hitting the global track!

Lee Min Ho′s agency Starhaus Entertainment announced on July 21 that “Lee Min Ho will be meeting with fans around the world through his tour in September. The tour has been planned to repay fans for their love from overseas.”

The actor′s 2014 global tour will take place under the title Re:minho.

The title is meant to stand for ′Reboot Lee Min Ho′, representing how he will aim to embark on a new start with the tour.

The tour will start in Seoul, and land on Beijing, Tokyo and other main cities in Asia.

Future schedules will be announced through his agency′s official website.

Lee Min Ho has held global tours since 2009. His most recent global tour held last year in 2013 drew over 52,000 fans across eight cities.

The actor is currently busy shooting the movie Gangnam Blues to premiere this winter.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source: enewsworld

[News] KU HYE SUN Produces Trailer for “Jecheon International Music&Film Festival!

-  Trailer to be disclosed on the 15 features filmmakers in Mother Nature

Actress KU HYE SUN has produced the trailer for the 10th Jecheon International Music&Film Festival (JIMFF), which will be held from August 14 to 19 in the city of Jecheon located in North Chungcheong Province. 
KU HYE SUN worked as the host for the opening ceremony of the 2009 Jecheon International Music&Film Festival, and featured her first full-length film “Magic” (2010), another full-length film “The Peachtree” (2012), and short film “Fragments of Sweet Memories” (2012) in the festival. Plus, she served as a member of the judge panel for the competition section of the 9th JIMFF in 2013. As such, KU’s connection with the film festival is going on. 
The trailer for this year’s JIMFF that will be produced by KU HYE SUN is a short video that runs 1 minute and 40 seconds. It features the process of making soundtrack in accordance with the characteristic of JIMFF, a film festival that pursues balance with nature. 
Producer KU HYE SUN explains, “People who create soundtrack in a studio come into the frame of the film naturally as they record music performance, and they meet the forest, wind, and actors and actresses who have innocence of childhood”. 
JIMFF’s purpose is to popularize the genre of musical film, which is still unfamiliar to the public, and to create an original sound track boom in Korea. It puts focus on musical films and performance programs, to show more than 90 musical films and music programs in “One Summer Night” event. The festival aims to heal the mind of people through nature and during the festival period, a place where beautiful nature and music unite into a perfect harmony is created. 
Meanwhile, KU HYE SUN has recently gained favorable review for her acting as the icon of first love in TV drama series “Angel Eyes”. Along with her acting career, she is now busy with rounding off her soon-to-be-released film “Daughter”. Plus, she has also shown a wide variety of talents as a song-writer, painter, author, and narrator in her album “HAPPY” (2013).
KU HYE SUN’s trailer for the 10th JIMFF will be first disclosed at the press conference for the film festival, on the 15(Tue.). After that, the trailer will be shown on the official web-site of JIMFF.
Source: ygfamily

[News] Lee Min Ho touches fans’ hearts with his appreciation for them during his fan meeting in Seoul

Lee Min Ho recently greeted fans with his handsome visuals during his fan meeting in Gangnam, Seoul.

Lee Min Ho held his fan meeting at M-Cube on the 3rd floor of CGV Cheongdam Cine City in Gangnam, Seoul on July 8. Lucky fans were invited to the fan meeting through a ‘Twosome Place’ Facebook event. The actor showed up with the music and outfit that fans selected and showed off his bartending skills with his ice mint americano. Read More…

[News] Ku Hye Sun boasts highest number of FB friends for Korean female actor!

- More than 3.7 million followers

Actor KU HYE SUN is arousing much attention with the number of followers on her Facebook page.
According to Social Bakers, (, a social network ranking site, the number of followers on KU HYE SUN’s Facebook page surpassed 3.7 million on July 8. In just a day on July 7, she attracted 6,429 followers, to be at #3 in “most rapid rank-climbing in a day”.
Fellow YG Entertainment artists like PSY, BIGBANG and 2NE1 ranked #2, #3, and #4 respectively, all ranging at the top in Korea. Amongst Korean female actors, KU HYE SUN ranks the highest by being at #12.  
She boasts global popularity—21% of the followers accounts for those in the Philippines and it is followed by Vietnam and Indonesia. 

Read More…

[News] Lee Min Ho Ranks in Top 20 of Most Liked Actors on Facebook

Turns out Lee Min Ho ranks among the biggest global stars in Facebook likes!

According to the social media directory Fan Page List, Lee Min Ho is 16th place in a chart that ranks actors from around the world based on their Facebook page likes.

He can be found just below such actors as Ashton Kutcher and Johnny Depp.

He currently has over 15 million fans on Facebook.

Lee Min Ho has recently been busy shooting for the movie Gangnam Blues.

Photo credit: Fan Page List, Lee Minho′s Facebook

Source: enewsworld

[News] Lee Min Ho Gifts Movie Team with T-Shirts and Towels for His Birthday

Lee Min Ho gave out special gifts in celebration of his birthday.

Currently filming Gangnam Blues in Suncheon, Lee Min Ho gifted the staff members with t-shirts and environmentally-friendly towels on June 22, as he celebrated his birthday. The t-shirts have been specially made with Promiz’s birthday special design.

Lee Min Ho also expressed his gratitude and words of encouragement in the cards as well.

In the picture, Lee Min Ho is holding a sign that says ‘Gangnam Blues Daebak’ along with text ‘We’re halfway finished already. I hope that we can finish well without any trouble, fighting!’

Lee Min Ho said, “I have always received gifts on my birthday but after I started project Promiz, I decided to give away gifts, backed by the fans’ participation. Giving away gifts is just as enjoyable as receiving them.”

Promiz is a combined word between promise, Lee Min Ho and his fan club, Minoz. It signifies ‘gathering Lee Min Ho and the fans’ love to share bigger love,’ and it has been prepared by the actor over a long time in order to share mature love with the fans over a long term.

Promiz will select a different theme each year to carry out various charitable activities and this year’s theme is ‘water.’

Photo credit: Starhaus

Source: enewsworld

[News] Lee Min-ho is flooded with over 100 potential scripts

Lee Min-ho‘s sources say that the actor has been getting floods of scenarios besides “Gangnam Blues“. According to his agency, Lee Min-ho has been getting over 100 scripts and scenarios and they are being piled up for him every morning.

His agency says, “It’s only natural that scripts are being built up for top stars like him and it’s a form of concern, disguised as happiness. He is a Hallyu star and talented actor so the staff at the agency have become incredibly busy as well. Because of the global suggestions, we have professional manpower from reviews, analysis and interpreting”.

“When “Boys over Flowers” went international, we quickly set up a global management and had many staff working in China as well. However, the overflowing number of script and scenarios has left us helpless. We appreciate the much interest and offers. We are making sure to look through every one of them carefully and deliver it to the actor to make his choice”.

Lee Min-ho has starred in various dramas as a powerful teen (“Boys over Flowers“), a cold-hearted architect (“Personal Taste”), a killer (“City Hunter“), a warrior (“Faith”), a romantic guy who gives up his throne for love (“The Heirs”) and now he’s starring in an action noir called “Gangnam Blues“.

Source : news/newspath.asp?new…

Credit: hancinema

[News] Ku Hye Sun Says, “I Wanna Freely Say Sorry and Thank You”

Give her feelings about the end of SBS “Angel Eyes”

Actress Ku Hye Sun has given her feelings about the end of SBS TV’s Weekend drama series “Angel Eyes” (written by Yoon Ji Ryun, produced by Park Sin Woo).
Ku Hye Sun presented an enthusiastic acting in the drama, playing the role of “Yoon Soo Wan”, a passionate rescue worker who had once lost her vision from an accident but recovered it by receiving a corneal transplant from “Park Dong Joo” (acted by Lee Sang Yoo)’s mother “Yoo Jung Hwa” (played by Kim Yeo Jin).
In the final episode aired on the 15 this month (Sun.), “Soo Wan” and “Dong Joo” confirmed their love for each other and finally got a happy-ending with a hearty kiss. 
In the drama, Ku Hye Sun perfectly acted her character “Soo Wan”, who endured an accident, death, and painful love to finally realize a true love. Ku’s acting has stimulated viewers’ emotions and tears, to receive a rave review. 
After the end of the drama series, Ku expressed her gratitude for staff who have always been with her at shooting scenes, saying, “I wanna thank writer Yoon Ji Ryun for keeping the good story to the very end. I wanna also thank other actors and actresses, as well as staff, who have been working hard for our drama”. 
Then, she went on to say, “Thanks to all the people who cared and respected me, I could work comfortably. As they created a cheerful atmosphere, I could enjoy shooting the drama. Before the end of the drama, I could not freely express my thanks for fear of them being conveyed in a different way. Now I wanna say sorry and thank you, without any concern”. 
“Angel Eyes” that ended with the 20th episode is Ku Hye Sun’s first drama series in two years. Ku’s comeback, images like fairy-tale, and sentimental original sound tracks received favorable reviews. It has now come to an end, but it will be remembered as a “warm-hearted drama” by viewers.

[News] Lee Minho offered private jet ride to fulfill Chinese schedule

Lee Minho will be the second Korean actor to be offered a private jet ride to China to fulflll schedules.

The actor currently busy filming movie “Gangnam Blues” would otherwise have a hard time promoting in China at this time and China’s second largest brewery company Tsingtao took this into account, deciding to send Lee Minho a private jet.

The private jet and event preparations alone would total over one million USD in expenses but, as using Lee Minho as a method of PR would bring an economic benefit and profit of over ten times that amount, this would be favorable for the company.

Lee Minho will be departing for Beijing from Gimpo Airport on the 15th and will be returning to Korea after attending the fanmeeting and promotional joint event in the early hours of the 16th.

Source: Munhwa Ilbo

Credit: koreaboo

[News] Lee Min Ho’s Fans Make Efforts to Build a Library Under His Name in China

A library may be built in China under Lee Min Ho’s name.

Lee Min Ho’s agency announced on June 3, “Lee Min Ho’s Chinese fan club (Minoz China) is currently in the process of trying to build a library under Lee Min Ho’s name.”

Various fan club members have been building libraries around China in hopes of providing educational opportunities for students living in areas with extreme poverty and lack of education.

The project has been carrying out as a part of the fans’ volunteer services to build a library in selected schools chosen by ′Hope & Justice′ project, backed by China Children and Teenagers Development Funds.

Lee Min Ho’s fans from Baidu previously donated 14 million won to UNICEF and sent over rescue supplies to Ya’an for the earthquake victims. The actor’s fans have also carried out charitable activities by sending free lunches to children in poverty and building wells in the area as a way to show support for The Heirs.

Upon hearing the news, Lee Min Ho said, “The fans’ sincere and devoted activities are really meaningful and touching to me,” as he thanked all his fans in China.

Lee Min Ho’s global fans have also been taking lead in resolving environmental issues. They built ‘Lee Min Ho forest’ in Patagonia, donating hundreds of trees under the actor’s name.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment

Source: enewsworld


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