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[Interview] F.OUND (Feb2014 Issue) – Ku Hye Sun-Artist who indulge in freedom (Part 2)

#Friends who do not age.

You mentioned that a movie incorporates all the things that you do like drawing, writing, music, etc. So, you could just make movies, then why do you also put on exhibitions, publish books and release albums?

Movie has its collective charm. However, it is hard to be imaginative while watching a movie. If a movie sends an answer inside a frame, I feel that I can imagine with music and art. Each medium/content has its own special charm. I am given an image of being all over the place and unfocused in what I do. But, truly, I think a lot about what is so different about what I am doing? For example, you cannot just make a magazine by only writing. You have to come up with a concept, you have to make sure to acquire the location, you would also have to get some right music for the right mood. It is not that different. Read More…


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