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Ku Hye Sun updated on twitter on 19/12/2014

언니랑 구혜선. (my sister & Ku hyesun)

언니랑 (My sister)

updated on 19 December 2014 14:44 & 14:58 (KST)

[News] Special Documentary Film “Heo NanSeolHeon” in which Ku Hye Sun Played Leading Role, Received “Grand Prize for Gender Equality”!

MBC’s feature documentary film “Heo NanSeolHeon” (produced by Park Tae Sam and Son Byeong Kook) whose two episodes were aired on February 24 and March 3 this year, has received the 16th “Gender Equality Grand Prize”.
The awarding ceremony was held at Ferrum Tower located in Jung-gu, Seoul, on the 16 this month. The awards are hosted by the Ministry of Family and Gender Equality and organized by Korea Gender Equality Education Institute. Gangreung MBC’s feature documentary “Heo NanSeolHeon” that depicted a creative woman who went beyond the patriarchal society of the Joseon Dynasty and built her world of poetry, was selected to receive the grand prize and received the Family and Gender Equality Prize.
The Ministry of Family and Gender Equality grants the Gender Equality Award every year, after picking broadcasting programs and news articles that contributed to increased social interest and role for gender equality, in cooperation with the Korea Gender Equality Education Institute. “Heo NanSeolHeon” was selected to receive the grand prize, as it instilled self-esteem and confidence to Korean women who are living the modern age.
“Heo NanSeolHeon” shed spotlight on the life and world or her poetry. The second episode of the documentary titled “Reblossoming Cotton Rose” that consists of a making film and documentary, introduces the artistic world of female writers of Korea, based on the theme focused on “Heo NanSeolHeon”.
After the broadcasting of the documentary in March this year, Internet users gave favorable responses to the documentary, saying, “I once again felt that the world of Ku’s art is so wide and I think she is like the Heo NanSeolHeon of our times”, “Ku transformed into Heo NanSeolHeon give a mystical appeal”, “I like her voice so much”, etc.
Meanwhile, Ku Hye Sun has recently been selected as the heroine of KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday Drama series “Blood”, to come back six months after her latest drama series “Angel Eyes” that ended in June this year.
Source: ygfamily

Ku Hye Sun updated on twitter on 18/12/2014

일년동안 고생해서 작업한 mbc 다큐멘터리 드라마 ‘허난설헌’이 양성평등상 최우수상을 수상하였습니다.

(Last year’s work mbc drama documentary Heo Nan Seol Heon’ was awarded the Grand Prize in Gender Equality Award.)

허난설헌^^ (Heo Nan Seol Heon ^^)

updated on 18 December 2014 10:40 (KST)

[Photo] 141216 Ku Hye Sun @ 2014 Gender Equality Award Presentation

MBC documentary “Heo Nan Seol Heon” was one of the Excellence in Gender Equality Award Broadcasting Prize winners. Hye Sun attended the Award Presentation held on Dec16th at Ferrum Tower.

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[Photo] Ku Hye Sun @ Seoul 2015 IBSA World Games startup event

Ku Hye Sun was appointed as the honorary ambassador for Seoul 2015 IBSA World Games. [Note: IBSA (International Blind Sports Federation) is responsible for the governance of blind sports worldwide]

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Ku Hye Sun updated on twitter on 15/12/2014

2014 겨울 (2014 Winter)

updated on 15 Dec 2014 16:42 (KST)

Ku Hye Sun updated on twitter on 09/12/2014


멍~ (meong~)

updated on 09 December 2014 11:02 & 11:03 (KST)


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