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[Interview] Ku Hye Sun – Big Issue Korea No.93

Ku Hye Sun, a woman who still has a lot to show.

For a while now, Ku Hye Sun has been described as a well-rounded beauty who is so busy writing, composing, drawing and acting that there isn’t enough time in a 24-hour day for her to do all that she does. Now, however, she is learning to let it go. Ku Hye Sun’s new movie, <Daughter>, is a first movie where she both acts and directs. She still wants to much more as an actress and as a director, but she wants to do it more slowly while taking in some breaths.

How did you think of the script for <Daughter>?

If my previous works are of fantasy genre, I wanted to tell a realistic story. I also felt that there aren’t enough stories about women, so I wanted to tell a story of a mother and a daughter. There also was a time when my friends and I had a discussion about whether children are properties or independent entities.

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[Interview] Ku Hye Sun & Shim Hye Jin – InStyle Oct2014 issue

Because of actress Shim HyeJin’s heavy schedule of working on three dramas at the same time, the photo shoot interview could not be scheduled until the morning of ChuSeok. Without a moment of hesitation, Ku HyeSun agreed by saying: “Please arrange it to fit sunbae-nim’s schedule no matter what.” That is how these two ladies got together under the filming light. Whenever the camera shutter stopped, the two ladies laughed and talked. Director and actress, sunbae and hoobae, and mother and daughter—these are three ways to describe Ku HyeSun and Shim HyeJin under the one common factor, the new movie, <Daughter>.  <Daughter> is Ku HyeSun’s third feature film, a psychological story that deals with the forcefully punitive mother and the daughter caught in the conflict. The title of the movie is as it sounds when read aloud and that in itself seems to have some relationship to mother’s misguided love for the daughter. Read More…

[Interview] Ku Hye Sun – Styler Oct2014 Issue

Ku Hye Sun entered the studio wearing denim shirt and skirt with no-heel brown loafers. She really is the exact image of the lovely and innocent female star in a manga.

She said that she already put on her make-up before coming. “You don’t care for no make-up face?” —but Ku Hye Sun‘s unexpected response was: “Whenever time and opportunity allow, I would rather do things related to me on my own instead of borrowing someone else’s hand.”

Maybe that is why she was initially surprised by more than 10 staff members who were to wait on her that day. Ku Hye Sun: “So many people came to film just one me? Ahyigoo.”

Perhaps you caught on already, but her way of life is very different from other average female stars. From her house in Gyung-Gi area to the center of Seoul, she travels by the red-colored ?long-distance bus whenever possible. If she sits deeply into her seat, most people do not recognize her and she also enjoys the passing views outside the bus window.

When I asked her why she gives up on conveniences/blessings that most actresses naturally get, she answered: “I don’t understand how that can be natural.” She also stated that, moreover, she does not want to share her personal life with her manager. “If you have a manager who drives you home every day and you also have other hair-makeup staff around you, you have to share so much of your life with them. I would sometimes want to see my boyfriend; must I expose that too? It is better to enjoy one’s private life privately.”

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