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[Video] 141213 Entertainment Relay – Lee Min Ho & Kim Rae Won ‘Gangnam 1970′ interview


Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won greeted viewers of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay’ for their upcoming movie ‘Gangnam 1970’! Read More…

[Interview] Koo Hye-seon, “To those who reject me”

There’s no knowing her. She’s been successful as an actress, producer, composing, conversation and more. It’s hard to regulate her in one category. Koo Hye-seon always stimulates the curiosity with her ways of releasing her desires with various ways.

However, her ways of expression don’t always agree with the public. Criticisms that she’s an unrecognized but pretty actress who is caught up in her world and just branching out through various methods, is always bothering her. Why is she dealing with all these criticisms and still struggling to fulfill her desires?

We met Koo Hye-seon at the YG Entertainment building. She recently released her third feature film called “Daughter” but what she got in return were more whipping than appraisals. Read More…

[Interview] TenAsia – Ku Hye Sun: “Not that I have more talents than others, it is that I am more delayed than others.”

Ku Hye Sun is referred to as “all-around-beauty who can do anything” But she is also referred to as one who cannot do anything well. To all these references, Ku Hye Sun says that she is” developmentally about 10 years slower than others. I have not found my major yet.”

To find her major, Ku Hye Sun is diligently building her skills and talents. Already, this is her third feature length movie. But, it is her first time not only directing but also appearing in her movie.

you must be familiar by now with being called a director. This is already your 3rd movie.
Ku: I don’t have much thought about it. (laughter)

How did you think of the story?
Ku: Talking with married friends… (omitted as it has been covered in previous interviews/ articles)

Isn’t it your story?
Ku: No, it is not my story. There are some similarities. My parents tend to be strict and a bit of my mom is in it. Of course, if it was entirely my story, I think I would be tearing and having hard time talking about it.

It is not a usual mother’s love story.

Ku:  I also grew up getting hit a lot. But, my mother does not remember. (laughter) It is because she does not think of it as using force/violence but a way to teach a child right from wrong. But, to a young child, it could be felt as violence and force. I wanted to portray how a same incident can be experienced differently through a movie. That is how I interviewed my friends. In the movie, the mother tells Sanyi that she will get hit 5x for getting one problem wrong. Many parents were like that while we were growing up. It may sound shocking now, but it was very common. It is common now too. The image of mother may change depending of the generation. Parents may also feel much pressure to raise a child well.  

Read More…

[Interview] Ku Hye Sun “Further I searched into death, I saw life.”

Her third film is called ‘Daughter’–keyword in all her movies is ‘death’.

“I continue to work on throwing things out–only 3 pairs of shoes, clothes are by sponsors.”

It is rare to see entertainers who do as many various type of works as Ku Hye Sun (30). She debut as a talent and stays active not only as an actress, but as a director, artist, composer, writer and singer. The older she gets, scope of her interest as well as her activities widened.

She may get praises like “she is pretty and talented”, but she also hears sarcasms like “try to do one thing well”. A praise may end with a smile, but insults scratch her heart and leave deep marks. 

Even so, she continued to direct, draw and write. Her filmography started from short films like Cheerful Caretaker (2008), Dear (2010), Pieces of Memory(2012) to feature films like Magic(2010) and Peach Tree (2010).

Then she reappeared as a director with another feature film ‘Daughter’. This time, she is also the main actress. It is her first time to act as the lead actress for her movie. Instead of choosing a soft and cushy story, she decided on a heavy theme that dealt with the relationship between mother and daughter and death. Read More…

[Video] 141101 KBS Entertainment Weekly – Ku Hye Sun & Shim Hye Jin Interview


In the Entertainment Weekly…GHS said that she knew a lot about how talented SHJ is as an actress and really loved her in Franceska. I really loved that the MC also gave a focus on Shim’s wonderful career. GHS did not talk as much in the interview. Shim talks really well and promoted movie really well. She said that after seeing GHS work, she realized that GHS can not only do three things all at once, she probably can do 4 or more things all at once. She also said that she worked really comfortably on the set, GHS was extremely respectful of the actors work and made everything easy and comfortable for the actors. But Shim also added that GHS asked her to do many hard acting jobs with her bright and cheerful smiles. That made GHS crack up. Shim also said that when she first got the script, she realized that GHS is a really good writer. Both Shim and Goo said that they were reprimanded by their mother a lot growing up, esp as a teenager.—got hit also—for coming home late and meeting boyfriends secretly. GHS said that she was not that talkative or expressive as a daughter. Shim holds GHS’s hand at the end and say that she is so glad that she was able to make movie together and she wants many people to come and watch the movie. Hooray!! Shim moved me to tears and I think GHS looked moved as well.

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